Joey Fatone Net Worth in 2022, Member of Best-Selling Boyband in History

NSYNC or ‘N Sync was an American boyband group that later became one of the best-selling boybands in history, and among its member is Joey Fatone. With the popularity he gained since NSYNC, he could perform in many other roles as a celebrity. So how much of Joey Fatone net worth increased for his work and career? Read more to find out.

Who is Joey Fatone? (Biography)

Joey Fatone is a singer, dancer, actor, and television personality. He is mostly known for becoming a member of NSYNC, the fourth to enter the group, along with Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, and others. Joey Fatone net worth grows a lot after becoming a member of the group because of their huge album sales.

Summary table
Stage Name Joey Fatone
Legal name Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr
Date of Birth January 28, 1977
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 (about 1.81 m)
Net worth $7 Million
Salary Not enough Information
Profession Singer, actor, television personality
Nationality United State of America
Joey Fatone net worth

Legal Name & stage name

His Birth name was Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr., born as the child of the couple Phyllis Fatone and Joseph Anthony Fatone Sr. (Joe Fatone). Both his parents are also actors and musicians.

Date of Birth

He was born on January 28, 1977, and turning 45 years old this year.

Gender & Height

Joey Fatone is a male with about 5 ft 11 inches in height (about 1.81 m)


Born in Brooklyn, New York City, his nationality is American. There are cases where he performed in other countries, such as European countries like Germany for his band, but many other activities were done in the US. Joey Fatone net worth also increases more in the US.

What is Joey Fatone Best Known for?

He was first best known as a member of NSYNC as his first career debut as a celebrity, but he also is remembered well for hosting many television shows such as The Singing Bee and Celebrity Circus.

Early life of Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone’s family consists of 5 members, their parents, he, a brother named steven, and a sister named Janine. They grew up in the Bensonhurst neighborhood, New York City. Later, when Fatone turned 13, their family moved to Orlando, Florida.

Joey Fatone net worth


Fatone attended Dr. Phillips High School, located in Florida. He started working at Universal Studios right after he graduated from this school, and there is no other record about his attempt to further his education.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

He married Kelly Baldwin, a woman he had already dated back in high school. The marriage took place in Long Island, New York, in 2004. They have two children, both girls, Briahna Joely and Kloey Alexandra.

Joey Fatone’s Career

Fatone’s career growth started as he worked as a performer at Universal Studios. At first, he played at Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue or Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show, a live musical revue stage show based on the film Beetlejuice and Universal’s Classic Monsters. He befriended Chris Kirkpatrick during his work and later formed NSYNC together. This time in his career is the initial stage leading to tremendous growth in Joey Fatone net worth.

Joey Fatone Albums with NSYNC

They have three albums in total, including NSYNC, released in 1997, No Strings Attached in 2000, and Celebrity, the last album released in 2001. Because of tremendous sales, this work contributes so much to Joey Fatone net worth and his career in the future.

Joey Fatone net worth

Joey Fatone Movies

He starred in several movies during his career. One of them is My Big Fat Greek Wedding, an independent romantic comedy film directed by Joel Zwick, released in 2002. The film became the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, grossing $241.4 million in North America alone, allowing Joey Fatone net worth to increase even more. He also worked on the sequel of the film released in 2016.

Joey Fatone TV Shows

He appeared in many tv shows, and there are ten of them at least. Some that he contract as a host and still airing are “Impractical Jokers: After Party,” which started in 2017, and “Common Knowledge,” which began in 2019. This work is one of the sources of income contributing to Joey Fatone net worth nowadays.

Joey Fatone Net worth

How much is Joey Fatone net worth right now in 2022? We found that his wealth combined is about $7 Million. He earned his net worth from various works as a celebrity, especially as a singer and TV host, and from his own business.


One of Joey Fatone net worth sources is from a business. He has owned a hot dog restaurant since September 2016 named Fat One’s. You can find the store on its Instagram account here.

Joey Fatone net worth in Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

His former house is sold to a Chinese family for 3.3 million around a decade ago. It is unknown if he has another investment other than this one, but we can not find any news about it. There is a video in which he showed his home kitchen last year, which you can access on Youtube.

Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

Fatone loved collecting some geek kinds of stuff. One of them is a “Knight Rider” KITT car he bought at an auction. He also has a Mercedes Benz S-Class that he usually drives to move around. We don’t know if he has another sports car or an investment in other vehicles.

Joey Fatone net worth

How much does Joey Fatone make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Unfortunately, we could not find the exact amount of the salary each year that contributes to Joey Fatone net worth. A singer’s average annual salary is about $150 million, but we don’t know how much he got from hosting television shows or his income from his business.

How does Joey Fatone make money?

As we mentioned earlier, he had many sources of income, including his work as a celebrity, annual salary from a contract, income from selling albums, and also his own business.

Joey Fatone Interesting Facts

There are many exciting facts about Joey Fatone. First of all, it is rarely known that his brother and sister also work at Universal Studios. He also has a hobby of collecting Superman memorabilia.

Is Joey Fatone Retired?

Fatone is not retired as a celebrity yet. Even if his work with the band NSYNC rarely happened, he still does many jobs related to show business.

What is Joey Fatone Doing now?

He appeared on several shows these days. Together with Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick, he performed at Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss’s Wedding in April 2022. They sang “Bye Bye Bye,” a song from their second album in 2000.