Jelly Net Worth (2021) Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio

Jelle Van Vucht, mostly known as Jelly, is a Dutch gamer and YouTuber by profession.  His sense of humor with creative gaming skills have made him famous on YouTube within a few years. As of 2021, jelly has an estimated net worth of $50 million according to He became a member of a gaming group, Robust, where they upload funny gaming videos.

Jelly is a child-friendly and family-friendly YouTuber with 21.4 million subscribers. His most popular videos have hit multiple millions of views and still counting. Read on to know more about Jelly’s net worth and other interesting facts.

Jelly Real Name, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Bio

Real NameJelle Van Vucht
Nick NameJelly
Net Worth as of 2021$50 million
Age24 years old
Birth PlaceRoermond, Netherlands
Birthday14th October 1996
Height5ft. 8 inches (173 cm)  
Weight59 Kgs
Sexual OrientationStraight
Lives InLos Angeles, America
Girlfriend NameSanna
OccupationGame Streamer and YouTuber
YouTube ChannelJellyYT and GTA5Videos  
jelly personal info

Jelly was born in Roermond, Netherlands on 14th October 1996. He has one brother, Koen Van Vucht, who is currently living in the Netherlands. As for his education, he enrolled for a course at Eindhoven. However, he had to quit midway because he wanted to give more time and attention to his other businesses. He prioritized his clothing line and YouTube channel because he realized they were much more important to him. He wished to focus on gaming and be a professional in that. That was his love.

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Since 2014, Jelly has been dedicatedly dating a YouTuber named Sanna, who runs her own channel- iamSanna. The 24 years old YouTuber even moved to different countries with Sanna to whichever countries she prefers to live in. They moved to Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

Jelle Van Vucht loved bikes and sports cars. He also loved gaming, and he monetized that skill. He collaborated with other gamers to form a small group named Robust. They were all young people who were more than interested in playing games. The group mostly played games like Scrap Mechanic, Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, and Golf It.

How Jelle Van Vucht Began His Career?

jelly biography

Jelly started a YouTube channel which he started on 25th October 2011. He creates videos dedicated to GTA 5, such as funny moments, fails, music videos, Mods, and many others. Through this channel, he also promotes other like-minded creators. The most popular video from this channel has also attracted 7.5 million views. However, he has not been uploading new content in this channel for a few years now.

Jelle Van Vucht launched another YouTube channel on 27th May 2014 and named it Jelly. He started off creating videos about funny moments in gaming Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft Hunger Games, and other games. Many people began to recognize his channel and loved his humorous and fun creativity. As his channel began to receive more and more recognition, he started focusing more on it away from his studies. Now, he is a full-time Game streamer uploading two videos regularly.

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Jelly began to use his experiences in gaming to provide valuable tips to other gamers. He is highly passionate about giving hints and suggestions to help young people game more efficiently and successfully. This was taken in very gladly by many youngsters who love playing a variety of games. His gameplay streaming, tips, and commentaries attracted many young gamers and shot him to fame. He also started his own clothing line following his fame.

Jelly’s Career As A YouTuber

Jelly started collaborating with other YouTube vloggers like his girlfriend, Sanna, Crainer, PewDiePie, Kwebbelkop, and Slogoman. He met Kwebbelkop while creating a video together, and the two became good friends. They began to make videos performing gaming stunts and race course maps together. He is now a well-known internet influencer. His most popular video, “Playing GTA As A Police Officer,” has reached 60 million views. His subscribers increased to more than 21 million within just a few years. At Present, he is well known for game streaming Fortnite and Deathruns.

How Much Money Does Jelly Earn?

jelly income and earnings

Jelle’s primary source of income is YouTube. This is obvious when he has multiple millions of subscribers and billions of views. Then, there is the revenue from the ads.

YouTubers from the United States, Australia, UK, and Canada usually get paid a minimum of two dollars per 1000 monetized views. This minimum amount is after deducting the cut YouTube takes. The calculations may vary depending on the type of videos, place of those being played, and the devices used. However, when you gather millions of views every day, there are chunks of income getting amassed every day.

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On average, Jelly successfully collects millions of views thanks to his two new contents every day. This indicates that he will be making thousands of dollars from his views alone each passing day. Ad revenues may differ depending on the type and number of ads, the ad engagement, etc. He also earns from sponsorship and partnerships.

Jelly’s Other source Of Income

Jelle Van Vucht has his own official store named jelly store. The online store has a variety of items featuring the jelly logo. His new collection of the neon jelly cap is now available both for kids and adults.  There are attractive collections of shirts, hoodies, sweaters, towels, tracksuits, scarves, socks, masks, and many more. There are also other accessories like Pop sockets, school items, keyrings, phone cases, etc. The store is open for people from several countries, which has become his other source of income

Additional Fact:  Jelly used to make random short clips of his video game during his school days too. He would show them to his friends, which they found pretty cool. Encouraged by their reactions, he started his first YouTube channel, GTA 5. There was no stopping after that.

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