JC Chasez Net Worth – Career of The Charming NSYNCMember

Fans of NSYNC probably know him as the band’s lead vocal alongside Justin Timberlake. JC Chasez is one of the few 90s heartthrobs who still maintains his career in the music industry.

How much is JC Chasez net worth from almost 30 years of working in the music scene? Let’s find out stories and facts behind JC Chasez net worth.

Summary table
Stage Name JC Chasez
Legal Name Joshua Scott Chasez
Date of Birth August 8, 1976
Gender Male
Height 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
Net worth $16 million
Salary / earning / income per year $2.64 million
Profession Singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, actor
Nationality American

More Familiar About JC Chasez

Before discussing his wealth from his works, let’s first know his profile better.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • Born as Joshua Scott Chasez, the charming singer is known more as JC Chasez.
    • He got the nickname when he was cast as a performer in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club.
    • To avoid confusion caused by another boy named Josh in the cast, he went by the initial of his first and last name, JC.
  • Date of Birth:
    • JC Chases was born on August 8, 1976, which right now makes him 45 years old.
  • Gender & Height:
    • The talented singer is a 5’11” male.
  • Nationality:
    • Born and raised in America, JC Chasez is a U.S. Citizen.
  • What is JC Chasez Best Known for?
    • JC Chasez owns an outstanding career in the music industry which started in the late 80s.
    • Although what launched him into stardom was probably his involvement in NSYNC.
    • It is one of the most prominent boy bands in the 90s.
    • The five heartthrobs were making their big break in 1995, having JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake as their lead singers.
    • His band’s popularity was probably the reason why JC Chasez net worth started to take off around that time.
JC Chasez Net Worth 'N Sync

Very Beginnings

Long before JC Chasez net worth and fame were noticed by the public, as a kid, he was very shy and introverted. Since he was 5 years old, he was raised by Roy and Karen Chasez, his biological mother’s former foster parents. His guardianship was handed over to them, and they legally adopted her.

Growing up, he started developing an interest in singing so that he can be more confident in public. JC Chasez sometimes danced in front of his parents at home to practice. His mother Karen noticed his talent and later encouraged him to try to audition for Disney’s The Micky Mouse Club.

  • Education

He went to Robert Goddard Middle School. After graduating he attended Bowle High School, just like Kathie Lee Gifford.

  • Personal life

JC Chasez has a younger brother named Tyler and a younger sister called Heather. He doesn’t have a kid and currently, he lives in L.A. with his girlfriend, Jennifer HuYoung.


Do you know how much his career journey affect JC Chasez net worth? Let’s take a look at his almost 4 decades career in the entertainment industry.

  • JC Chasez Music Career

This fact might surprise you, but JC Chasez’s performing career started from a $20 bet. Long before the huge amount of JC Chasez net worth, his friend challenged him for 20 bucks to enter a talent contest. Not only he was going for it (and got the money from his friend), he also did win the contest! From here, he realized that he don’t hate performing and singing might be his passion.

JC Chasez Net Worth MMC

His mother then encouraged him to go audition for The Mickey Mouse Club held by Disney in 1989. After going with the song Right Here Waiting by Richard Max, he was chosen as a performer starting in the fourth season. This was where he met other world’s entertainers in the making Christina Aguilera, Keri Russel, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, and also his soon to be bandmate, Justin Timberlake.

After Disney, JC Chasez music career path start inclining drastically after he and Justin Timberlake formed NSYNC with three other members. Their first album, which is self-titled, was released in 1998 and was sold 11 million copies. This launched them to their fame in the US, after 2 years prior they’ve made their name in the Europe music scene.

However, after 7 years of performing together, the famous boy band took a break and decided to go their own way after. JC Chasez net worth remained steady because he still productively made music and continue with his solo career. Beside singing and songwriting, he also start producing records with other artist.

  • JC Chasez Movies

Beside performing on stage, he also made some appearance in movie and television screen. He mostly played cameo role as himself in movie, the latest ones are in The Boy Band Con Documentary in 2019 and Opening Night in 2017.

His television show roles also contributed in JC Chase net worth. Apart from his infamous The Mickey Mouse Club Show, he also guest-starred in other television music, dance, and reality show. JC Chase also played small role in some television dramas and sitcom, such as Las Vegas and Greetings From Tucson.

JC Chasez Net Worth movie

JC Chasez Net worth

JC Chasez net worth as of this year reaches approximately $16 million.

  • JC Chasez Net Worth from Businesses

Bussinesman similar to his age might have more than the amount of JC Chasez net worth. It is unknown whether he owned other business besides his hustle in the entertainment industry.

  • Net Worth from Real estate

With a pretty fantastic number of JC Chasez net worth, the energetic dancer also has a few real estate investment in a few places. For a quite long time, he owned a house in Orlando, Florida, since 2000. He bought the house for $1.2 million and later bought it for almost $2 million.

He also owned another house in California, among the hilly Los Angeles neighborhood. He also bought the house back in 2000, with a total value of $1 million approximately.

With these real estate estates, no wonder JC Chasez net worth reaches more than $15 million.

  • Vehicles

JC Chases prefer convertibles for his car. A few luxury cars that contribute to JC Chasez net worth are his silver convertible Mercedes SL 500 and his black convertible Dodge Viper. He also has a few motorcycles, one of them is light blue Vespa scooter.

  • How much JC Chasez make per year?

JC Chasez salary per year is estimated to be around $2.64 million.

  • How does JC Chasez make money?

JC Chasez’s wealth and income came mainly from his singing career, and also writing and producing for other artists.

JC Chasez Recent Activities

Until the present, JC Chasez is still actively involved in record producing and other works in the entertainment world.

During the beginning of the pandemic, the 4 NSYNC members except Justin Timberlake got together in a zoom call to celebrate Lance Bass’ birthday. In 2021, Justin Timberlake teased a possibility of an NSNYC reunion later in 2022.

One of the singer-songwriter’s latest sights by paparazzi’s lens was in May 2021.

JC Chasez Net Worth recent photo