Jack Conte net worth (2021) Age, birthday, Wife, Bio

Jack Conte is a bank of talent who never fails to surprise and amuse his audience. Jack is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Hence, it is hard to define Jack with just one role as you may see him in various platforms, performing different roles. Jack Conte is a famous and multipotentialite individual, and you may wonder how much money he might be making. If you still haven’t got your answer, you better grab some popcorn and continue reading this article.

Jack Conte Net Worth- 5 million dollars 

Yes, you read it right. As of 2021, Jack Conte has an approximate net worth of 5 million dollars. One primary source through which Jack made this fortune is via his band, ‘Pomplamoose,’ which he started with his wife, Nataly Dawn, during mid-2008. The band made various music albums such as ‘Pomplamoose (2009)’ and ‘Tribute to Famous People (2010)’. The couple duo sold around 100,150 songs online during 2019, which explains the shower of money.

Jack Conte, Age, Height, birthday, Wife

If you are still intrigued by Jack and want to know more about his life, have a look at this table.

Real NameJack Conte
Age36 years
Birthday12TH July 1984
Birth PlaceSan Francisco, California, USA
Height6ft, 1inches (1.86 m)
Sexual OrientationStraight 
Marital statusMarried 
Wife/SpouseNataly Dawn (m.2016)
ProfessionMusician, singer, songwriter, DJ, entrepreneur, and filmmaker 
Net worth, 2021$5 million 

Jack Conte is a 36 years old American citizen born in San Francisco, California, in 1984. Jack grew up in Marin County, California, and studied music and composition at Stanford University. Jack has been an avid music lover since he was a child. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Jack can play many instruments such as piano, guitar, electronic keyboard, drums, accordion, and more. 

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Jack Conte Biography

jack conte personal info

Conte first started his career in film-making by working as a director of photography, sound designer, and editor for a short film, Mei (2004). Jack also made few credits in films like- The Last Good Man (2006), Model Man (2006), Dark Matter (2007), and Magellan (2009).

Jack Conte entered the limelight when he lends his voice for the famous strategic life simulation video game ‘The Sims 2’ as ‘teenage boy.’ Jack’s voice was also in, The Sims 2 (2004), The Sims 2: Open for Business (2006), and The Sims2: Pets (2006). 

Jack’s music career began after he and his wife, Natalie Knutsen (Nataly Dawn an American musician), launched a YouTube channel in April 2007, with the name ‘jackcontemusic,’ which also came into the public eye. How? Jack released his first song ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ which was a hit and garnered 11 million views on YouTube. The channel today has 3.2 million subscribers and looks like it will keep growing.

Jack made three albums- Video Songs Volume 1, 2, and 3, released during 2008. Jack also released three of his Eps simultaneously- ‘Nightmares and Daydreams’ (2007), ‘Sleep in Color’ (2008), and ‘Conte’ (2013). Jack hit another milestone when his indie band, Pomplamoose, was recognized, which he formed with his wife. The duo focused on putting their songs on the digital platform instead of performing live. Some of their notable projects include Don’t Stop Lovin Me (2012), Pomplamoose: Season 2 (2014), and Besides (2015). Today, their YouTube channel, Pomplamoose, has 12 million subscribers. 

How much money does Jack Conte make on YouTube?

jack conte salary and income

Jack Conte has two YouTube channels where Jack Conte is his official channel, solely releasing and showcasing his individual work. Jack’s overall income via YouTube is still under review, but as of April 2021, he makes around $5000.

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Jack has another YouTube channel called PomplamooseMusic, which he manages with his wife and is fully dedicated to their band, Pomplamoose. The channel contains music videos and albums made by the band where Jack writes and sings the songs and his wife plays the bass. According to sources, the channel makes $828,000, an overall breakdown of days, weeks, months, and years worth of money earned. Last week, the channel made $3,143 and made $13,097 last month.

Jack Conte Salary and Income

Earlier, we mentioned Jack being an entrepreneur and which is also a side income for him. Jack and developer Sam Yam founded a crowdfunding venture known as Patreon, Inc in May 2013. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows artists to make money by creating art. The creators can post their work, and potential buyers can view them and pay the artist any amount they desire. So how does Patreon make money out of it? It takes 5% of every payment and transaction completed. There are a total number of 50,000 artists who has signed up for this platform along with millions of buyers.

Patreon has a headquarter in San Francisco and provides all the essential tools to prevail the services. The platform has gathered more than $450 million for both the artists and the company. Although there is no data on the actual figures, it looks like Jack knows his business and money well.

Jack Conte interesting facts

This segment will help you know your favorite artist a little up close and personal.

  • Jack learned to play the piano at the age of six
  • He is also a member of a funk band called ‘Scary Pockets.’
  • Jack is well-versed with different music genres such as indie rock, power pop, jazz fusion, contemporary R&B, jazz-funk, punk rock, progressive rock, and the list goes on.
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In very little time, Jack Conte managed to do so much for his career. At this rate, he is not only increasing his fanbase, but he sure is increasing his pile of cash. It will be no surprise if we soon see his name amongst the richest entertainers.

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