This is Huey Lewis Net Worth, Highest-Paid Singer in the World

As a musician and famous singer, Huey Lewis was incredibly successful. He was even able to write and record songs until the end of his life.

Huey Lewis has enjoyed a long career in entertainment with Huey Lewis net worth of $25 million. What kind of coffers of wealth is it? Check the following reviews.

Summary table
Stage Name Huey Lewis
Legal name Hugh Anthony Cregg III
Date of Birth July 5, 1950
Gender Male
Height 5′ 11″
Net worth $25 million
Salary / earning / income per year $4,000,000 per year
Profession Musician
Nationality American

Huey Lewis’s Background Identity

  • Legal Name & stage name: Huey lewis is the stage name of a man whose real name is Hugh Anthony Cregg III.
  • Date of Birth: The man who is active as a musician from the 1970s was born on July 5, 1950.
  • Gender & Height: This man has a tall body of about 5 feet 11 inches.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Huey Lewis Best Known for?
    • Apart from his career in music, Huey Lewis is also known for Huey Lewis net worth of $25 million.
    • Huey Lewis & the News is still around today and is active.

Life Beginning

early life of huey lewis

Lewis, who was born in New York, turned out to be raised in California. Every child needs somebody in their life who will inspire them and offer positive words when they’re going through tough times.

When he was 13, his parents divorced and his grandfather became this person for him. In the school days of Y, his name was known for being a gifted student in lessons and a talented baseball player.

James Lewis, after graduating high school, decided to travel and play music as a harmonica player. He didn’t go to university because he wanted start his career as a musician while saving up enough money to see the world.

  • Education

Lewis went to Lawrenceville Prep, which is a high school in New Jersey. After that, he continued his education at Cornell University and earned a degree in programming engineering. But, he decided to take a break from school and find full-time employment.

  • Personal life

Lewis’ father’s name is Hugh Anthony Cregg Jr. and his mother’s is Maria Magdalena Barcinski. Lewis married Sidney Conroy in 1983, with whom he has two children.


huey lewis's career

Lewis has been playing music for a long time and became known for his harmonica skills. He is also a vocalist in certain pieces of music. In his career, Huey Lewis has high Huey Lewis net worth due to the popularity of Clover.

The Tiny Tim Group grew in popularity after having their debut album produced by Nick Lowe in 1978. However, the album tanked and the band had to split up.

After crashing the music industry, Lewis began earning a lot of money from side projects he pursued. His next band was called Huey Lewis and the News.

Around 1980, the popular band attained tremendous success from their hit singles and unique sound. Similarly, they have gained popularity with their albums that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Sports is one of the albums that helped make Huey Lewis net worth what it is today. It was one of the bestselling albums in 1984 and got second place to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album as a result.

Lewis and the other members also created special works for the film. In fact, some of the songs that are known in Back to the Future Part 2 were Bands in Time & Revolution in Time. The 1980s & 1990s were good times for music, as they got to tour around the world.

At least 6 albums written by the band were sold and made Huey Lewis net worth quite big. The albums are Weather (2020), Soulsville (2010), Plan B (2001), Four chords & several Years Ago (1994), Hard at Play (1991), and Small World (1988).

Huey Lewis Net worth

huey lewis businesses

Huey Lewis net worth is $25 million. This man has a long career in the music world and is considered to be incredibly successful.

Businesses and Estate

This man has had a very successful career in music and then crossed over to acting. He’s even got multiple TV credits under his belt. He made his film debut in several older films such as Sphere (1998), Short Cuts (1993), and Duets in 2000. Not only that, he also often appears on the TV screen.

Several events attended were The Cleveland Show (2011), Hot in Cleveland (2010-2015), and The king of queens (2006). Huey Lewis has a lot Huey Lewis net worth and is making even more with his contract, income, and salary.

One of his interesting roles was a cameo in the first film Back to the Future as a judge for the band’s audition.

  • Real estate

Not only does he have a large income from his musical career, this man is also diligent in investing in the property business. It is said that this business investment started in 1980 when he bought his main parcel.

After that, he also owned seven additional properties that are now turned into farms in Stenvil, totaling 500 hectares.

Not only that, Huey Lewis net worth in the property world is also present in the main house in Marin County, California. The ranch property in Stenvil, Montana, is his second home.

  • How much does Huey Lewis make per year?

From the large amount of wealth, a good estimation would be that the annual salary or income received is around $4 million. Meanwhile, per month, the income that is part of the Huey Lewis net worth is $32,000.

  • How does Huey Lewis make money?

His main source of income apart from his musical career is his job working as an entertainer. He is paid well as an actor and has show business contracts. bands touring, commission, event participation.

Is Huey Lewis deaf?

In 2019, Huey Lewis was diagnosed with the disease called Meniere’s. This disease is a disorder in the inner ear that can cause dizziness and hearing loss. So he’s not really deaf. When your body is in bad shape, it’s harder to hear voices.

What is Huey Lewis Recently Doing?

Although this influential Huey Lewis net worth is quite high, they’re still active and giving their passion to the public. He became a vocalist and also a harmonica player in the band Huey Lewis and the news.

Is Huey Lewis in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

No, from his musical career and contract with the band, Lewis was part of the band Huey Lewis and News or Clover.

Currently, the man who was born in 1950 is still active in music. But now, most of his time is spent living in his main home in California. Because of this, it’s no wonder that Huey Lewis net worth still persists.

Music is part of his and his members’ daily routine. This means he will hopefully continue to create music, even in the coming years. He is known from his role in the group Huey Lewis and the news which is still on the air.