How To Screenshot On Iphone X

If you’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone X, you might be wondering how to take a screenshot. Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward.

Whether you want to capture a funny text message or memorable moment in a game, taking a screenshot on your iPhone X is a quick and easy way to save and share content with friends and family.

The new method for taking screenshots on the iPhone X might be different than what you’re used to, but it’s actually simpler and more intuitive. Instead of pressing the Home button and Power button at the same time, as you would on earlier models, you’ll use the Side button and Volume Up button. This change was necessary because the iPhone X has an edge-to-edge display and doesn’t have a Home button.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process for taking screenshots on your iPhone X, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the best results.

The Simple Process of Taking a Screenshot on iPhone X

It’s incredibly easy to capture a visual record of your mobile device’s display using the intuitive and streamlined process available on the latest model from Apple. To take a screenshot on your iPhone X, all you need to do is press the Side button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. You’ll hear a distinct sound and see a brief flash of the screen, indicating that your screenshot has been taken.

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you can access it by tapping on the thumbnail that appears in the bottom left corner of your screen. This will open up a new screen where you can preview the screenshot and make any necessary edits before saving or sharing it. From here, you can also choose to delete the screenshot if you decide you no longer need it.

If you find that you’re taking a lot of screenshots and would like to streamline the process even further, you can also set up a shortcut using the Accessibility menu. Simply go to Settings, tap on General, then Accessibility, and finally, scroll down to the bottom and select AssistiveTouch. From here, you can customize a shortcut to take a screenshot with just one tap.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to capture and share your favorite moments on your iPhone X with ease.

Understanding the New Method for Screenshots on iPhone X

You may have noticed that capturing images of your screen using the latest Apple device requires a slightly different method than what you’re used to. If you’re one of the iPhone X users who’s still adjusting to the new device, don’t worry! Taking screenshots on this phone is still as easy as pie. Here’s how:

  • Press the side button and the volume up button simultaneously.
  • Release both buttons immediately after you see the screen flash and hear a camera shutter sound.

Your screenshot will then appear as a thumbnail on the lower left corner of your screen.

  • You can view, edit, or share the screenshot by tapping the thumbnail.
  • If you don’t want to keep the screenshot, you can simply swipe it left and tap ‘Delete’ to remove it.

By now, you should have successfully taken a screenshot on your iPhone X. If you’re still having trouble, make sure to check if the side button and volume up button aren’t being pressed too long or too lightly. Also, keep in mind that this method works for most apps and screens, but there may be some exceptions.

For instance, if you’re trying to take a screenshot while watching a movie or playing a game, the screen recording feature may be more appropriate. In conclusion, taking screenshots on iPhone X is not rocket science. However, it may take some getting used to if you’re upgrading from a previous iPhone model. Just remember the new method, practice a few times, and you’ll be capturing and sharing screenshots like a pro in no time!

Step-by-Step Guide for Capturing Your iPhone Screen

Capturing your device’s display has never been easier with the step-by-step guide provided below.

First, locate the buttons on your iPhone X. On the right-hand side, you’ll find the Side button, and on the left-hand side, you’ll find the Volume Up button.

Next, navigate to the screen you want to capture. Once you have it on your display, press the Side button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. You’ll see the screen flash white, and you’ll hear a sound indicating that the screenshot has been captured.

Finally, you can access your screenshot by going to the Photos app on your iPhone X. You’ll find your screenshot in the All Photos album, or you can search for it in the search bar.

From there, you can edit, share, or delete the screenshot as you please. Capturing your iPhone X screen is a simple process that can be done quickly and easily with these steps.

Using the Side Button and Volume Up Button for Screenshots

Snapping an image of your device’s screen is a breeze with the handy combination of the Side and Volume Up buttons. This is the most straightforward method for taking a screenshot on your iPhone X.

To begin, make sure that the content you want to capture is displayed on your screen. Once you have everything ready, press both the Side and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

After pressing both buttons, you should hear a distinctive camera shutter sound, and the screen will briefly flash white. This indicates that the screenshot has been taken and saved to your device’s Camera Roll. If you don’t hear the sound or see the flash, try pressing the buttons again, making sure to press them simultaneously.

It’s essential to press both buttons at the same time; otherwise, your device may interpret this as an attempt to lock your device and will not take the screenshot.

One advantage of using this method is that it allows you to take screenshots quickly and easily, without having to navigate through any menus or settings. You can use this feature to capture anything from a funny text message conversation to a beautiful landscape photo.

With just a few taps, you can save and share your screenshots with your friends and family. And with the iPhone X’s stunning display, your screenshots are sure to look great!

Saving Screenshots to Your iPhone X Camera Roll

When you take a picture of your device’s screen using the Side and Volume Up buttons, the image is automatically saved to your Camera Roll, making it easy to access and share with others. Here are some tips to help you quickly find and organize your screenshots:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone X and tap on the Albums tab at the bottom.

  • Look for the album named Screenshots. All of your screenshots will be stored here.

  • You can also use the Search bar to look for specific screenshots by typing in keywords or phrases.

To make it even easier to find your screenshots, you can create a custom album and move them there. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Albums tab and tap on the plus sign in the top left corner.

  • Give your album a name and tap Save.

  • Select the screenshots you want to move by tapping on them, then tap on the Share icon in the bottom left corner.

  • Tap on Add to Album and select the album you just created.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to quickly find and organize all of your iPhone X screenshots. Happy screenshotting!

Editing Screenshots on Your iPhone X

Now that you know how to save screenshots on your iPhone X, it’s time to learn how to edit them. Editing your screenshots can be a great way to highlight important information, crop out unnecessary details, or add annotations. Fortunately, the iPhone X makes it easy to edit your screenshots directly from the Photos app.

To edit a screenshot on your iPhone X, simply open the Photos app and locate the screenshot you want to edit. Once you’ve found it, tap on the screenshot to open it, and then tap the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a range of editing tools, including cropping, rotating, and adding filters.

One of the most useful editing tools for screenshots is the markup feature, which allows you to draw directly on the screenshot using a variety of tools and colors. To access markup, simply tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Markup.’

From there, you can use your finger or an Apple Pencil to draw, highlight, and add text to your screenshot. Once you’re done editing, simply tap ‘Done’ to save your changes.

Sharing Screenshots with Friends and Family

Share your favorite moments with loved ones by easily sending edited images directly from your phone. Once you’ve edited your screenshot, tap the share icon and choose the method you want to use to share it.

You can send it as a message, email, or share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to send your screenshot to multiple people, you can create a group message or email. This is a great way to share photos from a vacation or event with friends and family who couldn’t be there.

You can also use AirDrop to share your screenshot with people nearby who’re using an Apple device. Another option is to save your edited screenshot to your camera roll and then share it from there. This is a good idea if you want to share your screenshot on a platform that’s not directly integrated into your phone, like WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Simply save the image and then navigate to the app you want to use to share it. From there, you can choose the image from your camera roll and send it to your friends and family.

Tips and Tricks for Taking Better Screenshots on iPhone X

Improve the quality of your cherished memories by utilizing these helpful hints for capturing and editing your photos on your Apple device. First and foremost, make sure to enable the ‘Live Photos’ feature on your iPhone X. This allows you to capture a few seconds of video alongside your photo, giving you more options for choosing the perfect still image.

Next, try using the ‘burst mode’ feature to capture multiple photos in quick succession. This is especially useful for capturing action shots or group photos, where someone might be blinking or moving in one photo but not in another. To activate burst mode, simply hold down the shutter button while taking your photo.

Finally, take advantage of the many editing tools available in the Photos app on your iPhone X. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as apply filters and crop your photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with different settings until you find the perfect look for your photos.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to take better screenshots and capture more memorable moments on your iPhone X.


Congrats! You now know how to take a screenshot on your iPhone X like a pro. It’s a simple process that can be done with just two buttons.

Now, whenever you want to save a moment or an image, you can take a screenshot and keep it for future use. But don’t stop there! Experiment with editing your screenshots and using different techniques to take better screenshots.

With these skills, you can capture and share your favorite moments with friends and family. Keep practicing and soon enough, you’ll be a master of screenshots on your iPhone X.