Heart Evangelista Net Worth & Stories of the Philippines Beauty

Known for her achievements, beauty, and wealth, the Filipino figure, Heart Evangelista, has a quite huge amount of net worth.

Heart Evangelista net worth is generated from her initial wealth and also her creative works mainly as an actress and artist in the Philippines.

Do you want to know other facts behind the fantastic figure of Heart Evangelista net worth? Read this article thoroughly and get to know the Philippines beauty’s story better.

Summary table
Stage Name Heart Evangelista
Legal Name Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero
Date of Birth February 14, 1985
Gender Female
Height 5′ 2″ (157 m)
Net worth $4 million
Salary / earning / income per year Unknown
Profession Actress, singer, businesswoman, artist, philanthropist, social media person
Nationality Filipino

Become Familiar With Heart Evangelista

Before we dive deeper into Heart Evangelista net worth discussion, let’s take a short glance at her profile.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Born Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero to Reynaldo Evangelista Ongpauco and Maria Cecilia del Gallego Payawal, the Philippines artist is better known as Heart Evangelista.
  • Date of Birth: Heart Evangelista’s date of birth is the same as Valentine’s Day, February 14. She was born in 1985 in Manila, Philippines.
  • Gender & Height: The first lady of Sorsogon is a 5′ 2″ (157 m) female.
  • Nationality: Coming from a family rooted in Camarines Sur. and the Chinese-Filipino clan, Heart Angeline is a proud Pinoy.

What is Heart Evangelista Best Known for?

Heart Evangelista is a prominent figure in the Philippines who came from a privileged background.

As a renaissance woman, Heart Evangelista acts, sings, paints, makes youtube videos, founds charitable foundations, advocates for a few issues, and does many other things. That is also including her mandatory activities as the wife of the current Sorsogon’s mayor, Francis Escurdo.

With a lot of sources of income and initial wealth, no wonder that Heart Evangelista net worth now gets to a staggering amount.


Beginning of Heart Evangelista

Born as the youngest kid of a restaurateur mogul and a daughter of a sugarcane plantation owner in Camarines Sur., Heart Evangelista has lived a comfortable life since she was a child. After she was born in the Philippines, her parents took her and the rest of the family to the United States. They came back to the Philippines later when Heart Evangelista was entering her teenage years.

As a kid, her parents were very protective of her and her siblings. She was always escorted by a bodyguard whenever she left her house. Heart Evangelista confessed that she was a spoiled kid, since her father always said yes to anything she requested. She was already used to wearing high-end clothes and accessories since she was a little girl.

To this day, Heart Evangelista net worth also allowed her to maintain the same lavish lifestyle she has been living since she was a child.

  • Education

Heart Evangelista went to Colegio San Agustin in Makati up until her second year. She hasn’t been able to complete her degree, but in 2014, she earned a high school diploma equivalent after she took the Philippines’ Departement of Education ALS A&E Test.

According to her statement on her social media, she really keen to go to the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California had she got the chance.

  • Personal life

Heart Evangelista has four sisters and one brother from both sides of her parents.

Currently, Heart Angelista is married to Senator Francis Escurdo, who is 19 years older than her. Their marriage at first is opposed by Heart Evangeline’s parents, due to the distinctive age gap between the two of them. However, they successfully convinced Heart Evangeline’s parents and they gave their blessing to them

In 2018, Heart Evangeline announced that they were expecting twins. However, they lost both of their children due to two consecutive miscarriages in May and June 2018.

Heart Evangelista’s Career

Heart Evangelista started her acting and modeling career in her teenage years. She was offered a contract with Star Magic Agency after she was scouted at a mall. Since then, Heart Evangelista net worth increased in numbers as she started landing acting and modeling gigs.

  • Heart Evangelista Music Career

Heart Evangelista net worth also was generated from her music career. In 2003, she debuted by releasing her first album titled Heart. Her singles Love Has Come My Way and Tell Me won several awards and got into the top 20 charts.

  • Heart Evangelista Acting Career

Besides generated from her music career, Heart Evangelista net worth largely comes from her acting endeavor. She has starred in numerous comedy-drama movies and television series since 2000. She also succeeded in achieving several awards for her role and accomplishment in the acting world.

Her latest performance can be watched in the 2021 television drama I Left My Heart in Sorsogon which she starred with Richard Yap and Paolo Contis.


Heart Evangelista Net worth

Compared to another multitalented artist in the U.S., Heart Evangelista net worth might not be too fantastic. However, with a total net worth of $4 million, Heart Evangelista is considered one of the most successful artists in the Philippines.

Heart Evangelista’s income does not only come from her work in the entertainment industry. There are several other sources of wealth that help boost Heart Evangelista net worth.

  • Businesses

Coming from a business-enthusiast family, Heart Evangelista also follows the same steps as her parents and predecessors. Her latest business was launched in late 2021. She collaborated with her sister Camille to create a luxurious beauty and wellness company Together they build the brand, Pure Living, which she intended to create as affordable lavish beauty products.

  • Properties

A lot of portion of Heart Evangelista net worth also comes in the form of properties investment. One of the houses that she owns and designs herself is located in Quezon City. Some sources also said that she owns other properties in Sorsogon, where she and her husband reside.

  • How does Heart Evangelista make money?

To sum up, Heart Evangelista net worth is generated from her works in multiple areas, such as from her contract to appear in films and tv series, her painting works, her businesses, and many more.

What is Heart Evangelista Doing now?

As of right now, Heart Evangelista still does so many things as a creative person. She is also deeply involved with various kinds of actions as the first lady of Sorsogon, while maintaining her creative spirit. Her latest updates can be followed on her own social media pages.