Hannah Brown Net Worth: From Beauty Pageant to TV Star

Hannah Brown net worth immediately skyrocketed with her achievements in various beauty events. Her participation was since she was 15 years old.

As time goes, her name is remarkable as a former beauty pageant winner and a television star in the United States.

She briefly appeared as the main character in The Bachelorette in season 15. Meanwhile, the Dancing with the Stars program also boosted her name as a public figure. How was her career?

Check out the following reviews about Hannah Brown net worth, wealth, and life.


1 Stage Name: Hannah Brown
2 Legal Name: Hannah Kelsey Brown
3 Date of Birth: September 24, 1994
4 Gender: Female
5 Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
6 Hannah Brown Net Worth: $13 million
7 Salary/earning/income per year: $2,61 million per year in estimation
8 Profession: American television personality
9 Nationality: American

Hannah Brown Biography


Hannah Brown was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, then attended the University of Alabama and graduated magna cumlaude in Communication Program.

Before entering a beauty pageant, she became an interior designer. Hannah Brown advanced to the Miss USA 2018 competition after being previously crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018.

After the Bachelorette participation, Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten won the competition in season 28’s Dancing with the Stars.

Furthermore, she once engaged to Jed Wyatt, but it turned out to be just a setup as the relationship was solely for filming for the show.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Hannah Brown’s legal name is Hannah Kelsey Brown.
  • Date of Birth: Hannah Brown was born on September 24, 1994.
  • Gender & Height: Hannah Brown is a female with a height of 17o cm tall. Meanwhile, her body measurement is 130 lbs (59 kg).
  • Nationality: She was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S., and she is an American.
  • What is Hannah Brown Best Known for?
    • Hannah Brown is remarkable as the winner of the Miss Alabama USA 2018 beauty pageant, which then advanced to an even higher event, Miss USA, in the same year.
    • Then her name became increasingly known to many people after taking the role in The Bachelorette. Moreover, she joined in the Dancing with The Star season 28 competitions.

Hannah Brown Earliest Days


Hannah was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The daughter of Robert Walker-Brown and Sussane Brown grew up well in the same city she was born in.

Starting her career at the age of 15, she entered the competition in the teen beauty pageant. Hannah Brown won the first runner-up at Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen 2010.

Meanwhile, she became the second runner-up at Miss Alabama Teen USA the following year. Representing Tuscaloosa at Miss Alabama 2013, Hannah Brown was not a part of a semifinalist.

After that, she stopped for a moment and started participating again in 2017 and again, not being a finalist for the event.

Twice failing to become a finalist, in 2018, Hannah proved that she could hold the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018.

Further, after bearing the title of Miss USA in 2018, Hannah decided to become a television star by starring in The Bachelor season 23.

Then, her name skyrocketed after becoming the role in Bachelorette session 15.

  • Education:
    • After completing her studies at Tuscaloosa Country High School, she graduated magna cum laude from the College of Communication and Information Sciences.
    • Next, she continued to Alabama University.
  • Personal Life:
    • Hannah Brown is the daughter of Robert Walker-Brown and Susanne Brown. She once announced the engagement to Jedd Wyatt, who turned out to be a manipulation.
    • The engagement was only for filming the show they were playing. However, Hannah Brown is currently in a special relationship with Adam Woolard.

Hannah Brown’s Career


Starting her career as the winner of the Miss USA 2018 beauty pageant, Hannah Brown continued as a television star by starring in several shows on American television.

Her first television show after Miss USA was The Bachelor, where she appeared in season 23. The season began in fall 2018.

Thus, this program contributed to Hannah Brown net worth.

After appearing on The Bachelor season 23, she became the lead role in The Bachelorette session 15. It was on this show that Hannah chose Jedd Wyatt as her fiancé.

Then her relationship with Jedd ran aground after the public found out that her relationship with Jedd was only for filming purposes.

Additionally, after successfully starring in both shows, Hannah Brown returned to fill the television program by participating in the Dancing with the Stars competition in August 2019.

Moreover, she became the winner after being paired with professional dancer Alan Barsten. This achievement also has contributed to Hannah Brown net worth.

Hannah also wrote an autobiographical book. Likewise, it contains about how she struggled with depression.

Hannah Brown Net Worth

hannah brown net worth

Indeed, Hannah Brown net worth is approximately $13 million. Then, this amount comes from her becoming a major role in the entertainment industry. Here is the review:

  • Businesses:
    • Income from the Dancing with the Stars contract also has contributed to Hannah Brown net worth.
    • However, there is not enough information about whether she runs a business.
  • Real Estate: The property and investment are under review
  • Sport cars: The assets are under review
  • Income: Additionally, based on the latest report and information, Hannah Brown annual income reaches $26,1 million in the estimation.
  • How does Hannah Brown Make Money?
    • Hannah Brown net worth comes mostly from the entertainment industry, especially after she won the Dancing with the Stars program.
    • She also earned money from autographs she wrote.

How much did Hannah Brown make on DWTS?

There are no accurate sources on the Hannah Brown net worth from the Dancing with the Stars program. However, the salary estimation is more than $1 million.

Hannah Brown Net Worth after DWTS

Hannah Brown net worth so far has only been from the entertainment industry. However, after DWTS, she still has income from other sources so she remains financially stable.

In addition, she earns money from writing an autobiographical book that contains his experiences during his struggle with depression.

Hannah Brown is currently still active on American television shows and she is currently dating Adam Woolard after they met on a dating app for a year.

Hannah Brown Parents Net Worth


Robert Walker-Brown is a hairstylist, who is also known as Hannah Brown’s father. The profession is indeed very promising in America.

It is not as much as Hannah Brown net worth, but Robert Walker-Brown’s salary can reach more than $50,000 per year in estimation.