Glenn Close Net Worth in 2022 and Facts You Need to Know

Having a successful career in the entertainment industry for decades, Glenn Close net worth has reached a tremendous amount in 2022.

In this article, you will find out not only about Glenn Close net worth but also how her career journey until now.

Summary Table
Stage Name Glenn Close
Legal Name Glenda Veronica Close
Date of Birth March 19, 1947
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Glenn Close Net Worth $50 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year $12 million
Profession Actress
Nationality American


Who is Glenn Close? (Biography)

Glenn Close is an American actress who actively has had a career since 1974 until now. Before we discuss Glenn Close net worth, here is some brief information about her.

Legal Name & Stage Name

Glenn Close was born Glenda Veronica Close.

Date of Birth

She was born in 1947 and celebrates her birthday every March 19.

Gender & Height

She is a female with a height of 5 ft 4 in tall.


She was born in Connecticut and is American.

What is Glenn Close Best Known for?

glenn close net worth

For those of you who enjoy watching movies, you might see her at least in one of your favorite movies. During her career in Hollywood, Glenn Close proved herself as a versatile actress. She is best known for playing many iconic characters like Cruella in 101 Dalmatians (1996) and Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction (1987).

Early Life of Glenn Close

Glenn Close is a daughter of Elizabeth Mary Hester “Bettine” (Moore) and William Taliaferro Close. Raised in an affluent family, she lived with two sisters and two brothers. The young Glenn lived under Moral Re-Armament or MRA, a movement in which her family was involved until she decided to leave the group to pursue her dream to become an actress.


Glenn Close attended St. George’s School and Rosemary Hall, in Switzerland, until her graduation in 1965. After several years of traveling and forming a singing group called Up With People, Glenn Close attended the College of Williams & Mary to study theater and anthropology. Here, she explored more of her potential in theater by getting trained by Howard Scammon, the professor of theater at Williams & Mary, and also joined the summer-time outdoor drama “The Common Glory”.

Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)

Glenn Close has married three times and each of her marriages ended by divorce. She married Cabot Wade in 1969 when she was 22 and divorced in 1971. In the second marriage, she married a businessman, James Marlas, in 1984, but only last for three years. Shortly after that, she had a relationship with producer John Starke and had a daughter named Annie Starke. The couple remained unmarried and separated in 1991. Later she married David Evan Shaw in 2006 and ended up in 2015.

Glenn Close’s Career

Before we talk about Glenn Close net worth, let us start from when she began her career first.

In 1974, Glenn Close started her professional career in acting during her senior year in college. At that time, she joined the Helen Hayes Theatre to play Love for Love directed by Hal Prince. One year later, she brought herself to make a debut appearance in some television programs and dived into this entertainment industry.

Glenn Close Acting Career

glenn close net worth

In 1975, Glenn Close started her television debut with small roles in a series Great Performance. Later, she joined some movies like Orphan Train, and Too Far to Go in 1979.

Entering the 80s, she gained prominence after she successfully took a role in a comedy-drama film The World According to Garp which she got nominated for the Academy Award. In the following years, she got involved in many film projects like The Big Chill, Barnum, The Natural, and The Stone Boy. In modern times, we might know well for playing Cruella de Vil in a very popular movie 101 Dalmatians. She also appeared in a role in some popular box office movies like The Stepford Wives and Marvel Studio’s movie The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Film Producer & Director

Following her remarkable work as an actress and her universally well-known portrayal of Cruella de Vil, Glenn Close became the executive producer for another prequel of 101 Dalmatians with the title Cruella in 2021. Served as an executive producer with Emma Stone, the movie successfully brought a young version of Cruella de Vil and got many positive reviews.

Glenn Close Best Movies

Despite her remarkable role as Cruella in 101 Dalmatians movies, there are many other movies of hers that are considered the best movies you need to watch which are:

  • Fatal Attraction (1987);
  • Albert Nobbs (2011);
  • The World According to Garp (1982);
  • Reversal of Fortune (1990);
  • Damages (2007-2012);
  • The Wife (2017);
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014);

Awards & Nominations

glenn close net worth

During her career, Glenn Close has received many appreciations from various awards. Her first awards achievement was LAFCA Awards for Best for Supporting Actress and NBR Award for Best Support Actress for her role in The World According to Garp. In total, she won 47 awards including Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Satellite Awards, and Tony Awards. She also has been nominated 118 times for numerous awards.

Glenn Close Net Worth

Having a career for decades in the entertainment industry, Glenn Close net worth reaches about $50 million in 2022. Here you can find some facts about Glenn Close net worth and her wealth.


Not only having a remarkable career in the entertainment industry, Glenn Close net worth also related to her own business. She serves as the President of a film production company, Trillium Production Inc. The company successfully produced numerous films including her own movie, Albert Nobbs.

Real Estate (Mansion / House / Home / Apartment)

Glenn Close net worth also assimilated to some of her asset in property portfolio. She seems quite to invest her money in her properties. Later, in 2020, she bought two real estates after she sold Bedford Hills house for $2.75 million which she owned for the property more than thirty years. Other than that, she has some other properties across the nation like in New York, Florida, Montana, and Wyoming.

Sport Cars / Yacht / Vehicles

Despite her assets in property, Glenn Close net worth doesn’t affiliate to any luxury vehicles possession.

How Much does Glenn Close make per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

According to some reports, Glenn Close net worth summed up from her different amount of salary she received in every projects. In her appearance on the show Damages, she received about $200 thousand per episode. Annually, she has about 12 million goes to her purse from this single project.

How does Glenn Close make money?

Glenn Close net worth is accumulated primarily from her profession as a successful actress. However, she also has additional income from her production company.

Is Glenn Close Retired?

She is still very active in the entertainment industry. You might see her lately in some projects like Tehran and Four Good Days. 

What is Glenn Close Doing Now?

She has several upcoming projects that she is currently preparing including a musical movie called Sunset Boulevard and a horror drama produced by Netflix which is still under preparation in 2022. Let us support her for her next best upcoming performance. You can check most of her updates on her Instagram where she publicly shares her life with her family and puppy.