Geddy Lee Net Worth in 2020: The Greatest Bassist from Rush

Geddy Lee is a member of the Rush rock band and a Canadian musician. Geddy Lee net worth is estimated at $52 million which came from his hard work in the music industry.

Want to know more about Geddy Lee net worth? Here are some highlights about him before we discuss Geddy Lee net worth and wealth.

Summary Table
Stage Name Geddy Lee
Legal Name Geddy Lee Weinrib
Date of Birth July 29, 1953
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 in (178 cm)
Geddy Lee Net Worth $45-52 million
Salary / earning / income per year $1 million per year
Profession Musician, Songwriter, Singer
Nationality Canadian


Profile of Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee Net Worth

Geddy Lee is a well-known musician from Canada who was getting popular as the lead vocalist and bassist for a rock band, Rush. He is also famed for his amazing skill as a professional bassist with his unique technique and style.

Geddy Lee received the Order of Canada in 1996, the second-highest honor for merit in the Canadian system of orders and medals.

It is no wonder that Geddy Lee net worth has reached $52 million looking at what he achieved in his career. So how did Geddy Lee build his career? Check these highlights about his life, career, and wealth.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Geddy Lee was born with the name Geddy Lee Weinrib.
    • He keeps using his name Geddy Lee as the stage name during his career.
  • Date of Birth: He was born on July 29, 1953.
  • Gender & Height: Geddy Lee is a male with a height of 5 ft 11 in tall.
  • Nationality: He was born in North York, Ontario, Canada and he is Canadian.
  • What is Geddy Lee Bert Known for?
    • Geddy Lee is most recognized for his work with Rush as a vocalist, bassist, and synthesizer.
    • He’s also regarded as one of the outstanding heavy metal singers of all time, with a distinctive “countertenor” falsetto.

Young Life of Geddy Lee

Morris Weinrib and Marry “Manya” Rubinstein raised Geddy Lee in North York, Toronto, Canada. His parents were survivors of the Polish Jewish Holocaust. Geddy Lee was reared as a devout Jew.

He started his journey in pursuing his passion since young. His father, a talented musician, was an inspiration to him. Young Geddy Lee started to perform at age of nine when he was in Junior High School.

During his study in high school, he turned his basement into a practice space for a band he formed with his friends. After a few short appearances at high-school festivals or events, Geddy Lee and his buddies were able to earn money.

  • Education

Geddy Lee had attended Georges Vanier Secondary School and Newtonbrook Secondary School but he never graduated because he decided to drop out for professionally playing music.

  • Personal Life

In 1976, Geddy Lee is married to Nancy Young. He has two children named Julian and Kyla.

Geddy Lee’s Career

Geddy Lee Net Worth

Geddy Lee started to play music even before he entered school. He can play acoustic guitar, trumpet, drums, and clarinet in school. He continued to play numerous instruments until he left school to follow his passion for music.

After that, in 1968, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart created the rock band Rush. Geddy Lee and his band had performed in high school events, coffeehouses, and even bars and clubs with sometimes playing their original songs. The band successfully started to perform in some concerts in 1972.

The band Rush released its first studio album in 1974 and two following albums in the next year, ‘Caress of Steel’ and ‘Fly by Night’. After releasing numerous albums, he and the band Rush were getting recognition worldwide.

He and his band Rush actively released albums and got their recognition worldwide. Other than his skill in his role as bass player and vocalist, Geddy Lee also added synthesizers with his amazing skill in the keyboard. In the 1980s, Rush had recognized as the biggest rock band in the world with tremendous successful concerts. The band was keeping releasing albums till 2012 with its last album titled ‘Clockwork Angels’ before its announcement concert hiatus and disbandment in 2020 after Neil Peart died.

Geddy Lee Best Bass Songs

Geddy Lee had written many songs that successfully hit the rock music industry at his era. His first hit song was ‘Fly by Night’, the song which he created with Neil Peart for the first time. There are many of his songs that strike to the hit record of the rock music industry such as ‘New World Man’, ‘Distant Early Warning’, ‘Show Don’t Tell’, and ‘Ghost of a Chance’.

Geddy Lee awards

Geddy Lee had achieved a tremendous number of awards for himself and Rush. He received the Bass Player magazine’s readers poll as the Best Rock Bass Player in 1993. He and his bandmates Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson received the Order of Canada in 1996. Even in 2021, he was honored for his charity efforts with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Geddy Lee Net Worth

As mentioned above, many reports speculated differently on Geddy Lee net worth at between $45 – 52 million. His income is primarily coming from his successful career as a rock singer, bassist, and producer.

  • Business

Geddy Lee does not have other businesses but his career in music. Geddy Lee net worth mostly comes from his profession only.

  • Real Estate (Mansion / House / Home / Apartment)

Geddy Lee had bought and lived in a mansion located in the highly desirable Rosedale neighborhood on Toronto. His mansion is estimated bought for $20 million with a size of over 12,000 square feet.

  • Sport Cars / Yacth / Vehicles

There is no report suggested about Geddy Lee possession of sports cars or luxury vehicles that related to Geddy Lee net worth and wealth.

  • How many Basses does Geddy Lee Have?

Geddy Lee said in his own book ‘Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass’ that he has over 250 basses in his collection.

  • How much does Geddy Lee make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Geddy Lee was estimated to have earned about $1 million per year.

  • How does Geddy Lee make money?

Geddy Lee makes money from his profession as a rock singer, bassist, and producer.

How Many instruments did Geddy Lee play?

During his career, Geddy Lee is well-known for his amazing technique of playing bass and keyboard. But other than that, he also can play other instruments such as drums and trumpet.

  • Is Geddy Lee the best bassist?

Geddy Lee is recognized as one of the top 100 greatest bassists of all time by Rolling Stone. He positioned at number four just one position under Paul McCartney.

Is Geddy Lee Out of Job?

Although his band Rush had announced its disbandment, many speculations that Geddy Lee also retired from his career. But in 2020, Geddy Lee answered a question regarding this in an interview and stated that he is still active making music at his studio.

  • What is Geddy Lee Doing now?
Geddy Lee Net Worth

Geddy Lee recently announced that he is preparing for a memoir planned for fall 2022. He makes the announcement on his Instagram account giving hope to his fans to hear his songs again.