Fred Taylor Net Worth – He Lost Millions in a Scam

Fred Taylor is a valuable asset to the Jacksonville Jaguars football team. Fred Taylor net worth is fascinating, even though he hasn’t always been so well-off.

He even earned as much as $4 million per year when he played football in Jacksonville Jaguars before deciding to move New England Patriots.

In this article, we will talk about Fred Taylor net worth and some other interesting facts about him. Although his name is not as well known as other football players, you could say he was quite successful in his era.

Summary tabel
Stage name Fred Taylor
Legal name Frederick Antown Taylor
Date of birth January 27, 1976
Gender Male
Height 6′1″ (185 cm)
Fred Taylor net worth $12 million
Salary/earning/income per year $4 million
Profession American football  player
Nationality American

Fred Taylor’s Personal Background

fred taylor

So far we know this man as Fred Taylor. But actually, his story is quite interesting. Here are some things you need to know about him:

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Frederick Antown Taylor is know by the stage name Fred Taylor.
  • Date of Birth: Fred Taylor was born on January 27, 1976, in Pahokee, Florida.
  • Gender & Height: Fred is a male and he’s about 6′1″ (185 cm). He has ideal proportions for an NFL player.
  • Nationality: Born and raised in Florida, Fread has American citizenship. He even had a career in Florida too.
  • Best Known for: Fred Taylor was an NFL player who’s net worth comes from his playing career. In addition, he’ll be in the miniseries I Am Nascar throughout 2021.

Life Beginning

fred taylor net worth

He started out in the NFL with a lot of success, that includes Fred Taylor net worth is amassing.

Fred Taylor was born in Pahokee, Florida and attended Glade Central High School there. He has been a football player for his school’s team since he was in high school.

Taylor played as a linebacker in high school but moved to running back later. Thirteen years after he graduated from high school, the Florida High School Athletic Association awarded him as part of the Florida football school’s “100 Players of the First 100 Years” list.

In college, this man helped get an athletic scholarship to the University of Florida. He played for the Gators from 1994 to 1997 and won a national championship with them!

Fred Taylor is one of the best players to ever help out Florida Gators. He was inducted into hall of fame and was even named 36th best player of all time.

  • Fred Taylor’s Personal Life
fred taylor net worth

Fred Taylor has a son named Kevin Taylor who plays football. Despite the family’s rather private nature, Kevin joined various teams several times.


Most of Fred Taylor net worth comes from his playing career in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars for 11 seasons. His career was brilliant when he played for the team!

  • Florida Gators Career

Taylor had an athletic scholarship to play for the Florida Gators and has never looked back. As a freshman, he was able to score 873 yards and eight touchdowns. They saw him at the Florida Gators, and it worked out for him later on in life. He’s also enjoyed a long career in the NFL.

Fred Taylor Net Worth

How much is Fred Taylor net worth?

As an NFL player who played at his heyday with skill, Fred Taylor has a lot of wealth. But after not having a professional football career, his fortune is expected to grow about US$3 million in 2021. In this paper we will answer some questions related to the sources of his wealth.

  • Source of Wealth

Fred Taylor was a running back player in the NFL. Eventually he retired and started investing in other clubs.

  • NFL Career Eearnings

Fred Taylor played for the Jacksonville Jaguars from 1998 to 2008, after which he joined the New England Patriots. He retired in 2010.

In total, Fred Taylor’s salary and bonuses amounted to $1.2 billion in his career with the NFL, but this doesn’t include income from sponsors and so on. His largest annual salary was $4 million in 2008- the year he joined Jacksonville Jaguars.

Fred Taylor Lost Millions in a Scam

But one time, Fred Taylor was tricked into millions of dollars. But in the end the amount of Taylor’s wealth has not changed much to this day

There was a scam in the early 2000s. Back then, Taylor’s career was just starting to climb at the Jacksonville Jaguars. After contacting Tank Black, Taylor’s agent at the time, he invited him to participate in this scam.

At that time, Fred Taylor was tricked in to investing $3.6 million into a Ponzi scheme by his financial advisor Tank Black.

Upon trial, Black was discovered to have committed a series of frauds since the late 1990s. However, Fred Taylor had a successful career afterwards. Even after the fraud scandal, Fred Taylor net worth is estimated to be at $12 million.

  • How Much Does Fred Taylor Make per Year?

After Taylor retired from professional football, his one-year income totaled $400,000. He earns around 32 thousand USD per month.

  • Businesses

Fred Taylor is not a person who usually opens up about his personal life, but he has revealed that both he and his son are invested in the Florida Gators. His son is a player on the NFL squad as well.

  • Real Estate

Fred Taylor owns at least four homes in Florida, one of which he now lives in with his family. Since Fred is a millionaire, this investment also contributes to Fred Taylor net worth.

  • Vehicles

So far, Fred Taylor has been seen driving a Mercedes-Benz CL. There may be other vehicles in his collection, but this is the one he’s been seen driving.

What Is Fred Taylor Concern at Now?

  • Is Fred Taylor Retired?
fred taylor

Fred Taylor decided to retire from pro football in 2010. His last club was the New England Patriots. Although he was retired from the game, Fred Taylor net worth remains an impressive one.

Not yet known about this one, but it seems he is focused on his business and investment to get more Fred Taylor net worth. He’s reported to have taught his son not to choose a fraudulent company like he did.

Facts about Fred Taylor

Fred Taylor was born in 1976, therefore he will turn 45 in 2021.

Taylor’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Fred used to think that the agency he trusted for a long time had scammed him out of millions of dollars, but now he has forgiven him.

Taylor played 11 seasons in total for the Jacksonville Jaguars and was on the bench with a thumb injury before his career ended. It was the first time in his professional career he had to do this.

Fred Taylor has a son who is following in his footsteps. His so play for the NFL’s running back position

Fred Taylor net worth was largely earned during his time in the NFL, and he got such big gigs from different businesses too. He even had a sponsor for his workout!

His career ended as a player for the Patriots after playing there for 2 seasons.

This is what you need to know about Fred Taylor net worth and his life so far. We will continue to update information on this page for future reference.