Frank Gore Net Worth – How Rich is He Actually?

As a successful NFL player and influencer, Frank Gore net worth has reached over 30 million dollars. Some interesting things about him are that he used to get a 5 star rating when he was recruited by the national team.

Summary tabel
Stage name Frank Gore
Legal name Frank Gore Jr.
Date of birth January 22, 1931
Gender Male
Height 5’9” (175 cm)
Net worth $30 million
Salary/earning/income per year $400 thousand
Profession American football player
Nationality American

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Frank Gore’s Personal Biography

frank gore

Today we finally begin to learn about Frank Gore net worth. Let’s start with his brief biography.

  • Gender, height, weight, body measurements: Frank Gore was an NFL player who played in the running back position. His height is about 5’9” (175 cm), and he weighed 96 kg.
  • Legal name & stage name: Gore was born Frank Gore Sr. He has a son named Frank Gore Jr.
  • Gore is an NFL running back who is currently not tied to a team or agency. Frank Gore net worth was earned mostly due to his work in the NFL, of course.
  • Date of birth: Frank Gore was born May 14, 1983 in Miami, Florida. He was an athlete with a career in the NFL and he held many records during his time there. To think that he still has many more years left to play is really amazing! It’s no wonder Frank Gore net worth from the NFL is quite a lot.
  • Nationality: Gore was raised in Miami, Florida. He has African blood, but is an American citizen.
  • Best known for: His NFL career ran from the San Francisco 49ers to the Indianapolis Colts, and he played for Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets.

Early Days

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Prior to becoming one of the NFL’s greatest players and scoring Frank Gore net worth, he was an average American man born in Miami and raised in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Gore attended Coral Gables High School. He has won a lot of awards for running and is focused on his career in sports. While he enjoys maximizing the educational potential, he hasn’t burned out on that either.

In addition, Gore had to accompany his mother who was battling kidney disease. At the end of the day, Gore chose the University of Miami because it was close to home.

Education and Personal Life

Apart from Frank Gore net worth, Frank Gore attended Coral Gables Florida and found his love for football. He was also the best player at that school.

After that, Gore received a scholarship to attend the University of Miami. As you’re probably aware, Gore also played for the Hurricanes during 2001-2004. He racked up some really good stats & records while playing there.

Currently Gore is the husband of Drick Parrish since 2014. With this woman he has two children, namely Frank Gore Jr. and Demetrius. Frank Gore welcomed his first child in 2002. Currently, his son is a running back who plays at his school.

Gore didn’t mind when his son decided to follow in his footsteps either. He said, as long as he’s doing well in school and is doing good things, he doesn’t mind what his children choose to do for work.

At first, Gore sent his son to Coral Cables. But then he transferred to Miami Killian private school and eventually attended the University of Southern Mississippi.

Talking about his personal life, Gore was once hit by a scandal with Kehulani and Jasmine, who was then 16 years old. This Jasmine shares various photos of her with Gore, even when the two of them are making out.

Frank Gore’s life changed forever when he decided to marry Drick Parrish, who was by his side since the start of his professional career.

Frank Gore Net Worth

frank gore net worth

It is estimated that Frank Gore net worth reaches USD 30 million. It could be more than that. Where did Frank Gore’s income come from to accumulate an estimated fortune of more to USD 30 million?

  • Businesses

Most of Frank Gore net worth was earned from his career playing in the NFL. He moved around various clubs and during his time playing there were more than USD 60 million in estimated earnings.

  • Real estate

In 2019, Gore sold his house in southern Florida for $1.8 million. Now, he lives in a house in Florida, where he grew up. He bought this house for USD 3.225 million.

  • Vehicles

Apart from wealth in the form of assets such as houses and investments, Gore seems to own several vehicles. He always uses a gray Maserati Quattroporte.

  • How much does Frank Gore make per year?

It is impossible to know exactly how much Gore will make in a year. But if you take a look at Frank Gore net worth, it’s probably more than USD 400,000.

  • How does Frank Gore make money?

He is a well-known and successful NFL player, with a Frank Gore net worth that he owes largely to his profession. He also had time to test his luck by following boxing but only briefly.

Frank Gore’s Career Highlights

frank gore net worth

Gore’s career in the NFL is pretty well-known, but his beginning is also worth discussing.

  • College careers

Gore was awarded a scholarship to the University of Miami under Larry Coker. Gore went on to play for the Miami Hurricanes from 2001-2004 and in general recorded a brilliant achievement during this time.

He had one injury that required knee surgery while playing at Miami. He played approximately 28 games with the Hurricanes and entered the ranks of the best 7.

Is Frank Gore retired?

Frank Gore didn’t just put the NFL as his job during his playing years; but he plans to continue his career in Canton, Ohio, when he retires.

But so far there has been no official news that he will retire from the NFL world. On the other hand, Gore also doesn’t look like he wants to immediately agree to a new contract with the NFL.

Frank Gore’s Facts

  • Frank Gore broke several Dade County records while in high school.
  • After barely playing in the 2002 season due to an ACL injury, Gore missed a lot of games and underwent surgery.
  • Gore received the Art Rooney Award in 2016.
  • On 2021, Frank Gore broke the record for most games played from a running back in NFL history.

Frank Gore has been playing in the NFL for a long time and is still one of the most accomplished running back players. He is modest and doesn’t like cameras. Frank Gore net worth is quite high even though he hasn’t played in the NFL for years.