The Latest FFXIV Chocobo Racing Guide & Tutorials

Here’s full ffxiv Chocobo racing guide, Players during this activity act as trainers, breeders, and jockeys of their Chocobo’s. 

They enter their well talented and successfully trained Chocobo’s into battle for increasing their positions and use every chance to get Manderville Gold Saucer Points. Usually, user clarify their doubts and enhance various aspects of their performance devoid of complexity.


The rank of the Chocobo is its level. This rank can be increased with the overall experience from racing. The Chocobo retired as early as rank 40. The maximum rank in this game is 50.

The five stats are randomly chosen whenever the rank of Chocobo increases. The maximum value is increased by 1%. In a single level-up, any specific stat can be preferred several times. It also earns a feeding chance. 

Small Tips for Beginner

This post’s main reason is to give a detailed overall view on the Chocobo Racing minigame to those fellows who are on edge to try it.

Using patch 3.25, Chocobo racing is the best way to farm MGP if you search for a continuous and endless farming source.

Topping a race in R-300 (which is the highest class for racing) rewards you with 1,000 MGP per win, and if you choose to do it with Cuff-A-Cur in the middle of races, you could be receiving some 18,000-19,000 MGP in an hour under normal conditions.

Chocobo Racing Abilities

I’ll be sincere about not knowing how this differentiates from the MGP farming in Triple Triad, as it has been a while I did it. Still, I believe that this outnumbers farming through Indolent Imperial that people had been doing.

Significantly, lower-ranked races are eligible as well to give an acceptable amount of MGP. Even if you are collecting several 400 MGP by winning one race, which is about what you gain in lower levels, you collect an amount that is near 8,000-9,000 MGP per hour if you are winning consistently.

Advancing through the Chocobo racing minigame also ingresses you to Chocobo’s challenges, included in patch 3.25. Moderately these challenges will become available to you as you make your way, and by the time you are clearing each of them for the first, you get a significant fixed sum of MGP.

ffxiv chocobo training leveling

As you won’t be eligible to finish them all until you advance more or less thoroughly through Chocobo racing advancement, they will give you an entire amount of 445,000 MGP, and that’s what you get without the MGP buffs, which can be utilized to uplift your winnings from challenges. If you ensure that you have the +15% MGP buff up any time you accomplish a challenge, you’ll obtain 511,750 MGP from these challenges in total!

To my way of thinking, if you’ve made an effort already in Chocobo racing and can’t bear the ‘lag’ aspect of the movement, you may want to search for other ways to get MGP.

The ‘lag’ is created by the movement being deliberate on SE’s side rather than being any of your computer’s fault (“server-side” movement).

Unluckily, this part of the game never gets better and worked on. Trust me, when I speak, it is possible to get used to it, but if you think you can never get used to it, farming MGP through another source would be a better thought.

Understand the basics 

Players of the Chocobo Racing minigame in the Final Fantasy XIV wish to improve their level and get 100% entertainment.

Chocobo Challenge FFXIV

They are eager to be aware of how to improve their ability to race and willing to enhance their way to achieve the goals. Controls are simple for the overall games in the Chocobo Racing. 

Players of this game can accelerate, jump and steer left and right as per their requirements. They start burning through their stamina at any time they accelerate.

They find the delay between losing or using the stamina and the reflection of such thing on the gauge. They consider it every time they control their stamina. 

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Rating of a chocobo is a complete measure of its ability and used to find which racing class the chocobo enters. A high rating lets entry to prestigious races and prevent racing in low classes.

You may get disadvantages against well-fed chocobos with the same rating when you do not feed the chocobo or use low grade feeds. 

As the exciting competition at the well-known Gold Saucer, FFXIV gets ever-increasing recognition and makes all players happier than ever.

You can use the specially trained chocobos and you can raise the champion chocobo you wish by enhancing the abilities with rigorous training to breeding all retired chocobos for their values.   

Decide on where to participate in the chocobo racing  

As a beginner to the Chocobo Racing, you have to explore everything about the best method to acquire a racing chocobo. You can register the chocobo and start racing.

Chocobo Breeding guide

Every player of this game has to proceed to Chocobo square by speaking with the lift operator namely Saethrith at the entrance square. You have to speak with the race Chocobo registrar NPC accessible at the Chocobo Square at any time you like to enter the race. This is because you have to choose from the races available at the rating. 

Every player with a desire to practice the fundamentals of the chocobo racing can repeat the training course several times as per requirements.

They can enter the race through the Duty Finder and use the chocobo race tutorial from experts. They cannot register for duties while queuing to enter a race. 

The five stats which affect the chocobo are max speed, acceleration, endurance, stamina and cunning. Max speed state affects how fast the chocobo can go. Acceleration state involves how fast it takes to go from the minimum to maximum speed.

Endurance state involves how long it takes while running to enter the Lathered state. Stamina state indicates the maximum stamina pool. 

Cunning state involves how easily you can change the lanes and how fast you have to take corners devoid of slowing down. You will soon access the Lathered state when you keep the accelerate button held down.

The stamina gauge blinks or glows in this situation and you will suffer increased stamina drain.  You may completely run out of the stamina and think about what to do in this situation.

You will enter the exhausted state and no other way to recover from it devoid of using abilities, panels or items designed to recover some stamina. 

Follow guidelines from experts

Players of chocobo racing usually encounter panels and items coffers through the racetrack. Item coffers provide random items displayed before approaching the coffer.

They can access and use the chocobo racing online right now. They can hold one item at a time and run through the coffers or jump to get the high ones devoid of difficulty in any aspect.

The four kinds of panels via the race courses are available. There is no harmful panel in the maiden division.  

Players have to spend a bit of MGP to the grade 1 feed to earn it back later. They can enhance their approach for levelling to breed when they use the grade 1 feed on birds. They get some challenges in this situation.

They can overcome such challenges when they buy it with Gil rather than MGP. They do not get any problem in their way to get profits like the grade 2 and grade 3. 

Chocobo racing is one of the best methods to farm MGP when players seek how to get different benefits from the constant farming source. Players of this game can get upwards of 1,000 MGP per win by winning a race in R-300.

They can in theory get the MGP between 18000 and 19000 per hour under the usual circumstances when they do it this together with the Cuff A Cur in between races.

They keep in mind that the low rank is capable of giving them very good MGP income and use on a regular basis. 

For example, they are getting around 8000 and 9000 MGP per hour when they consistently win and get 400 MGP per win towards the lower level. They are very conscious about different approaches for processing through the chocobo racing.

They get ever-increasing challenges in this game when they go further in it. They will earn 511,750 MGP from challenges in total when they have the 15% MGP buff up at any time they clear a challenge.     

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You may have tried the chocobo racing and failed to stand the lag aspect of the movement. You have to find different ways to get the MGP.

This is because the lag is caused by the movement calculated on the SE’s side of things instead of the own computer that is the server-side movement. Finding another MGP source is a good option when existing MGP sources are not favorable to you.    

Server side movement 

Chocobo racing is distinctive in the final fantasy XIV as it uses the server-side movement. The server trusts the client all through the game especially in large parts where the player’s character is.

Few checks are available to make certain that the client is not flat out lying like teleporting the character wildly around the world. 

The player’s machine is the one that figures out what the player’s keyboard or controller inputs and how to move the character based on it before sending the result to the server. However, it is entirely opposite in the Chocobo racing.

This is because the machine makes no effort to handle the keyboard or controller-based input. It sends such inputs directly to the server and such server figures out things to do with such inputs and tells the player’s machine where to move the Chocobo.   

Use the smart method to play the game 

Controls of players of this game are less responsive at the end. However, the positions of such players are accurate particularly relative to other Chocobo.

There are several benefits from this action. For example, it lets players to find if a Chocobo is ahead of them and ensure which is important in various facets of the game. 

In the Chocobo Racing, up to 8 players and their chocobos can successfully enter into the race as a full party. As a player of the chocobo racing, you have to be conscious about how to enhance various aspects of the gameplay. Your Chocobo will run along the course without any human intervention during the race. 

Every player of this racing game can maximize the speed of the chocobos by properly holding the forward and increasing the stamina consumption rate. The entire course is divided into the invisible tracks which span the width of the course.

You can press the right or left to move onto the adjacent track. You will steer the chocobo into speed boosts and also out of the speed reduces. You will be able to use the item you have chosen from the hotbar. 

Your chocobos gain experience when you continue entering races. Chocobos will grow strong and get a good improvement in their rating.

A chocobo with a high rating can earn players entry to races in the high classes. On the other hand, a chocobo will turn into barred from racing in the low-class race genre. 

How to access the chocobo race   

Chocobo racing are eager to find and keep in mind about how to obtain a racing chocobo. They have to register their chocobo and start racing.

They have to proceed to the chocobo open place by speaking with the Saethrith, lift operator accessible at the Entrance Square in the Gold Saucer. 

Preparing for the chocobo racing involves an array of important things like obtaining a registration form, registering the racing chocobo, entering the race, and enhancing expertise in the controls. 

Once you have successfully completed the prerequisite quest, you can register your chocobo. You will receive the fledging chocobo registration G1-F or G1-M as per the chosen gender of the chocobo.

You can buy the latest registration form from the feathertrader NPC at bentbranch meadows in the Central Shroud.  

Anyone who has acquired the registration form can talk with the competition Chocobo trainer NPC at the Chocobo square for completing the registration for the Chocobo and give it any name.

Do not forget about a fixed fee in Gil is needed for all name changes. You have to repeat the training course to practice the fundamentals of Chocobo racing.

You can speak with the race Chocobo registrar NPC accessible at the Chocobo Square to enter a race and choose the race from a list of races available at your rating. 

There is no chance to register for duties while acquiring to enter the race. You can view the rating of your race Chocobo when you choose the character from the menu subsequent to the Gold Saucer. You can choose the Chocobo from within the interface.   

Know about how to use controls 

There are several controls in the racing game. However, some of these controls are steering, speed, stamina, and magicked panels.

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You can press the A and Q buttons to move the chocobo left and strafe left respectively in the steer left.

In the steer right, you can use the buttons D and E to move right and strafe right. You can press the move forward with the button W and accelerate as per requirements.

You can use the S button to move forward and decelerate. Do not forget that accelerating maximizes the rate at which the stamina gauge of the chocobo depletes. Your speed will reduce when you run out of stamina.

You will be not capable to accelerate for the remainder of the race after your speed has reduced. 

Several detrimental and beneficial effects in the magicked panels encourage all players of this game to take advantage of such things. Red and purple elements are detrimental and green and blue elements are beneficial.

Greene gives about 7% extra stamina, blue increases the speed temporarily, purple decreases the stamina by 15% and red inflicts the heavy status for 5 seconds. Every chocobo race is held outdoors.

These races are subject to different weather conditions. Some chocobos perform well under particular weather conditions such as cloudless skies or storms. 

All players of this game are advised to participate in racing in their birds’ favorite conditions and get several favorable effects. It is a suitable time to enhance the expertise about how to complete the race.

If you like to know how to complete the race, then you can use the guide above. You will get outstanding assistance on time and make a decision to fulfill expectations about enjoyable leisure.

Chocobo race concludes when every participant has crossed the finish line or a half a minute after a winner is declared. The overall result will be determined at that time with the MGP. 

Experience points will be awarded to players based on performance. One person will be chosen via roulette and get the bonus experience points.  This person will be among those who have finished 2nd to 7th

Enhance your level in the game as expected

You may seek details about the distinctive racing UI elements displayed during the chocobo race. By default, position in the race is top left corner, stamina gauge is screen’s bottom-center, and race item notices in the bottom right corner.

UI elements are displayed in place of the existing UI elements party-list > position in race, parameter bar > stamina bar and notices > race item notices. 

Smart and successful players of Chocobo Racing reveal loads of tips and tricks to assist beginners who wish to enhance the gameplay and succeed in this game. They advise not to use spring shoes while staying directly behind another.

This is because there is a collision between chocobos. You have to budget your stamina and use every chance to use your stamina towards the desired end result. 

This is advisable to look at the track completion percentage and stamina gauge to ensure you have essential stamina to complete the race. 

You must make certain you are not too frugal with the stamina usage and your stamina hits 0 right while crossing the finish line. You have to avoid mobs in R-60 or high race.

You lose speed when you hit a mob and also stamina from 3 to 5%. However, you can successfully jump over the small one such as mandragora.

Get 100% entertainment 

You may think about how to keep up-to-date with the attack items and ability effects in this game. Graviball causes 5s heavy to the racer before you. Bacchus water causes 15s Frenzy to the racer before you. 

There is no effect when you are in 1st. Blair caltrop makes a field of briars around you which deals up to stamina 20% to any player caught in the effect area.

Choco silence (A) makes a field of gold chains around the player which causes silence to anyone who caught in the area effect. The rank decides the duration. You can look at your parameters as well as pedigree tabs when you open up the Chocobo section in the geld saucer window and decide on how to achieve the goal.

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