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Faze Jev Net Worth (2021) | Real Name, Age, Height, Dating, FAQs

Net Worth:$5.5 million
Real Name:Jason Eugene V
Age:27 years old
Birthday:18 Oct, 1993
Height:5.6 feet / 170cm
Profession:Pro Gamer, Youtuber
Dating / Girlfriend:Alexis
Faze Jev

FaZe Jev is an American online gamer on YouTube whose channel began with a Modern War 3 commentary video in 2012. He is well-known for his Call of Duty gameplay and his “RAGETAGE” videos. With 27 million followers, he has 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

His gameplay videos are famous for his extreme shouting. His signature accessory is his pretty pink headphones. Besides Faze Banks, Faze Kay, Faze Temperr, Jev also one of the most popular Faze Clan Members, especially the sniper skill he has.

Who is Faze Jev?

FaZe Jev real name is Jason Eugene V, the popular gaming YouTube who is most often seen playing Call of Duty and posting commentary, rant and rages. His greatest height is 1.7 meters tall with an average weight of 60 kgs.

Jason’s popularity is mainly due to his loud and energetic performance in the popular video game series Call of Duty. Jason also plays other games on YouTube and has an estimated net worth of $5.5 million, a lot of which he earned from this platform.

How Much Money Does Faze Jev Make On Youtube?

Faze Jev Net Worth, Bio, FAQs

The YouTube channel has accumulated over 1.7 billion views since it was started in 2009 with an average of about 1 million views a day for videos uploaded by their respective creators.

The estimate is that Faze Jev will generate around $8,800 per day ($3.2 million a year) from the YouTube advertisements shown on their videos.

YouTube yields $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views for content creators from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. There are several variables that influence the amount of money makers receive across these geographical locations including device played on, time of year, location of viewer, ad inventory, number of ads in a video as well as how many people skip

The price of an ad view is determined by a bidding war between advertisers who are trying to get their content seen. Advertisers that bid more than $0.01 per view have the best chance of winning the auction, but all bids must be at least $0.01.

Should your company have a deep pockets, Google Preferred is a worthy investment that offers access to top 5% most popular content.

Apart from getting paid for advertisements, YouTubers also get rewarded with money if viewers sign up to pay a monthly subscription fee to access premium content on YouTube. The more videos that the viewer watches, the higher their paycheck.

The income Jason gains from merchandise sales, sponsorship deals, and prize money from tournaments is also an extra source of money.

What is FaZe Jev’s Net Worth?

Faze Jev Earnings and Income

FaZe Jev is estimated to have an approximate net worth of $5.5 million. Faze Jev can generate around $8,800 per day or $3.2 million per year from YouTube ads on their videos.

FaZe Jev’s net worth may be higher or lower than the actual amount due to an oversight. Amongst other revenue streams that were not taken into account, FaZe Jev is likely worth closer to $6 million.

Biography and Career

Faze Jev Personal Info

FaZe Jev was born as Jason Eugene, and his last name remains unknown. A fan of games from when he was little, FaZe Jev started a YouTube channel in 2009 under the username poketLWEWT.

FaZe Jev’s Youtube channel had little viewership at first but he continued to produce new content. Meanwhile, he was working a full-time job that we don’t know much about because of his secretive personal life. FaZe does not have to record video in the same room he started out decades ago, and while it doesn’t tell us anything

Jev started a trend of sharing gaming strategies and tips for completing difficult levels in 2012 with Modern War 3 commentary videos. These types of videos were popular, so he continued to produce more.

The FaZe Clan took an interest in Jev after he uploaded a few gaming videos, which increased the attention to his channel. Then, Faze Clan invited Jev to join with them, he still participates as a sniper for their competitive team.

FaZe Jev has mentioned that it was never his plan to join the clan, though he is glad for the opportunity. In fact, he seems to think that none of this success was planned, and he’s as surprised as anybody. Now of course he works hard to keep his place!

Beyond gameplay, FaZe Jev is famous for the CODKarnage channel on his YouTube account. These videos are compilations of him and gamer friends playing games like Call of Duty or Halo with screaming and acting as upstanding citizens when things go wrong.

If you like people reacting in extreme ways, these videos provide the most hilarious reactions we could find.

FaZe Jev predominantly posts videos for Call of Duty and similar shooters, though he has played different styles and genres of games. He often posts vlogs on his channel that touch on a variety of topics such as QnA with his Youtube viewers.

Although FaZe Jev professionally posts videos, he is also a social critic. He uses his work to give anti-drug and pro-social commentary.

FaZe Jev has more than 149M views on YouTube, 117k followers on Twitch, 1.3M followers on Twitter and 369k followers on Instagram as of 2020. He earns most of his income from YouTube (estimated at $5 million as of 2021)

Early Life

Despite his desire to keep this aspect of his life private, some sources say he lived with his grandparents when he was young.

Under the care and tutelage of these beloved relatives, it is widely believed that he had three siblings under identical circumstances.

Jev has mentioned that he played both basketball and video games when he was younger. He spent most of his days playing video games (mostly first person shooters) for five to eight hours per day, improving his skills during this time.

Jev attended the South-Doyle High School located in Knoxville where he continued his basketball playing for the school’s team.


Faze Jev has a little problem around his school environment, he mentioned that he is impatient with his teacher and being rude with his classmates.

But now, he regrets his behavior and sees the error of his ways- while he was just wasting time rebelling, what he really needed to focus on was avoiding people who made him feel bad. FaZe Jev even made a few friends in high school before he focused on online gaming, and had been passionate about music as well.

Youtube Journey

Since a young age he was intriqued by video games and started a channel on YouTube in 2009. The lack of viewers at first created difficulties, but the channel soon gained popularity (his first YouTube channel name was poketLWEWT).

When he began posting videos of himself playing in the game, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, Faze Jev views and popularity increased. This caught the attention of the “Faze Clan” a popular group who participated in tournaments for this kind of video game.

Faze Jev accepted an invitation to join in 2013 and he has been part of the Faze Clan ever since. He never thought that he would love playing video games so much or that he would be such a big part of such an amazing community.

FAQs About Faze Jev

FaZe Jev, born October 18th 1993 in New Jersey, grew up with his grandparents and three siblings. He has been quoted as saying that he enjoyed basketball as a child but was much bigger into gaming.

Does Faze have a girlfriend? What we know for sure is that his girlfriend name is Alexis. Not only does she play Just Dance like him but she also liveblogs the experience on Twitter under the username SoaR Abstract Sweater. Furthermore, they both post pictures together on their various social media pages and go on adventures.

Fans have sent swords and knives to him at his P.O. box because of some comments that he has made about liking these items, though it is not clear in what context the comments were made or with what intent they are seen as a response by the member of the public sending them in, but of course he collected it as a display. because he likes items in FPS games such as call of duty and halo.

Who is faze Jev girlfriend?

Jason met his girlfriend online her name is Alexis, and after talking to her for a while they decided to meet up. They went on one date and have continued their relationship since then. In 2017, when Jason left his grandparents’ house, Alexis moved in with him and their two pets, a dog named Ahri and a cat called Cameron.

How Tall is Faze Jev?

Jason is 5’6″ tall, has blond hair and dark brown eyes. He visits the gym at least twice a week, so he stays pretty fit. He really likes looking good to keep up with all of his clothes and haircare, so he spends a lot of time/money on that. Currently, he is also growing his beard.

How much does FaZe Jev make per month?

FaZe Jev is a YouTube sensation. He’s been uploading videos for years and has already made more than $26,000 in his channel each month. With close to two thousand uploads with over 1 billion views, he keeps going from strength to strength – which will only lead to an increase in net worth.

How much does FaZe Jev make per year?

As of 2021, FaZe Jev earns $1.98 million annually from their YouTube channel, which receives an estimated 32.94 million views a month and about 1.1 million views a day on average over the past 30 days.

The FaZe Jev YouTube channel, through ads, will earn $131.74 for every thousand views the video generates and produces an estimated monthly revenue of $1.98 million with this calculation.

Other than that, YouTubers can also earn income from a number of other sources. For example, sponsorships or bonuses may bring in much more than ad revenue.

How much does FaZe Jev worth?

Jason gets a majority of his income from advertisements and sponsorships, or the team that he plays for. Most of the money comes in from his YouTube channel as he still attracts millions of views on each video. Jason also has two company sponsors: GFuel and Steelseries. According to authoritative sources, Jason’s net worth is around $5.5 million as of 2021.