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FaZe Jarvis Net Worth (2021) | Real Name, Age, Height, FAQs

Net Worth$3 million
Real NameJarvis Kaye
BirthdayNovember 11, 2001
Height5 ft 8 in
GirlfriendSommer Ray
ProfessionProfessional Gamer, eSports, Online Streamer
Born InEngland
Faze Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis Net Worth – $3 million

The net worth is estimated to be around $3 million in 2021 and we will look at how he made money, his career milestones or high spots, personal information such as what he loves to do for fun, and his official social media handles.

Who is FaZe Jarvis?

Streamer and YouTube Content Creator Jarvis Kaye better known as “FaZe Jarvis” is a London-based professional gamer who has garnered popularity by playing Fortnite and making content on Youtube.

He has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Jarvis” making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming genre. Jarvis joined the FaZe Clan back in April 2019. In the clan there are also many popular members including, Faze Jev, Faze Apex, Faze Kay, Faze Banks, and more.

FaZe Jarvis Net Worth 

According to reports, FaZe Jarvis has a net worth of around $3 million. However, after admitting to cheating and getting banned from playing game Fortnite also due copyright infringement claim for using unauthorized music on Twitch, it cannot be denied that FaZe Jarvis’s net worth has taken a major hit.

How much money does FaZe Jarvis make?

Faze Jarvis income from youtube

Being a professional gamer and YouTuber forces FaZe Jarvis to be constantly creative.

Becoming a profitable game runner is hard work. It’s also like being a social media influencer, because you need skills and some luck to be successful.

So how does Faze Jarvis make money?

Earnings by playing Fortnite

FaZe Jarvis’s claim to fame was when he made gameplay videos for Call of Duty and continued his streaming career by uploading these same videos to his brother’s channel FaZe Kaye.

Then, FaZe Jarvis started streaming Fortnite on his own channel, where he gradually developed a fanbase. The rise of his channel eventually led to 2.16 million+ subscribers and the release of over 400 videos that have amassed millions of views.

However, In November 2019, FaZe Jarvis was permanently banned by Epic Games the developers of Fortnite after being caught for using cheating software.

Earnings from Youtube

One primary contributor to FaZe Jarvis’s net worth is YouTube. As of 2021, His channel called “Jarvis,” has over 4 million subscribers and 800 million views in total, as of 2021.

The channel typically posts videos related to personal lifestyle, viral game challenges, and vlogs. The videos attracts around 700,000 views per day which are equivalent to $3,500 in revenue on a daily basis or $1.3 million per year.

Earnings From Twitch

FaZe Jarvis also earns money through Twitch platform by streaming a lot of his gameplays on Twitch.

Twitch can be used to make money in many different ways such as through ads, donations, merchandise, and subscriptions.


FaZe Jarvis also earn from the sponsorship, but The number of sponsors that supported him significantly decreased since he got banned from playing Fortnite.

FaZe Jarvis currently does not have any major sponsors. He continues to work as an independent content creator on Youtube.

Earnings as a social media influencer

Jarvis is renowned for both his gaming prowess and as a social media influencer. The gamer has 2 million followers on Instagram, 617k followers on Twitter and he is often offered promotions by companies to endorse their products through his account.

FaZe Jarvis Biography

Faze Jarvis with his girlfriend Hannah

FaZe Jarvis was born November 11, 2001 in England. He made his 2.8 million dollar fortune with YouTube channel “FaZe Jarvis”.

FaZe Jarvis and his brother, FaZe Kaye are members of the FaZe Clan esports organization. The two became popular on YouTube through Call of Duty gameplay videos.

The group started playing and posting videos of FIFA, Counter-Strike, and Fortnite games since then. 

FaZe Jarvis became famous for his Call of Duty gameplay, before he did so through Fortnite. His first viral video, uploaded to his brother’s channel FaZe Kaye, was a Call of Duty playthrough.

He quickly established himself as a streamer and moved to his own channel where he set Fortnite as his primary game to stream. Fortnite was the game that FaZe Jarvis played to grow his subscriber base, which now stands at 4 million+.

However, after cheating at the end of November 2019, FaZe Jarvis was banned by EPIC Games from playing Fortnite. Despite his ban in November 2019, FaZe Jarvis was one of the most famous players for Fortnite.

Currently, he focuses on building his YouTube channel and uploading videos about vlogs and lifestyles with his girlfriend Charlotte Parkes.


Faze Jarvis, who is also known as FaZe Kaye, started his career by uploaded videos of Call of Duty gameplay on his brother’s channel for some time now.

And then, His videos gained popularity and he created a YouTube channel to feature his own Fortnite gameplay.

Fortnite gameplay videos drove Faze Jarvis’s YouTube channel to more than 2 million followers and he turned his content into a serious money-maker.

However in November 2019, Faze Jarvis was banned from Fortnite after being caught cheating, and even tendered an apology to his fans for this.

Why has FaZe Jarvis been banned from Fortnite?

If you watch this YouTube video below, FaZe Jarvis said he got banned from Fortnite for using Aimbot — software that helps in more accurate shooting.

FaZe Jarvis says that he used aimbots only while creating instructional videos and demonstrations, but never in a competitive context.

FAQs about FaZe Jarvis

Who is FaZe Jarvis dating?

According to his Instagram and Youtube channels, his actual girlfriend is Sommer Ray. However, other sites provide false information by claiming it’s someone else.

How much money does FaZe Jarvis make a year?

Faze Jarvis (a YouTuber) earns roughly $1.5 million per year from his YouTube channel. 

What is FaZe Jarvis’ real name?

Jarvis Kaye

Is Jarvis still on FaZe?

Although still on FaZe Clan, the publicly-known Faze Jarvis is not practicing Fortnite Battle Royale anymore and focusing his time more towards his YouTube channel.

Did Jarvis leave FaZe?

That is not yet official, but he has shifted his focus to YouTube.

When was FaZe Jarvis born?

FaZe Jarvis is a YouTube star, gamer and entrepreneur that was born on November 11, 2001.

Who is the richest FaZe member ?

FaZe Banks is one of the wealthiest FaZe members, with an estimated net worth around $13 million.

How many FaZe members are there?

The FaZe Clan network includes more than fifty creators and players.

Is FaZe Jarvis a Millionaire?

Yes, he has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.