Eric Braeden Net Worth: The Cast of “John Jacob Astor IV” in Titanic Movie

Eric Braeden net worth might be one of the things that make fans wonder. It happens because his character ‘John Jacob Astor’ in the Titanic movie went viral.

Furthermore, most of us would know the timeless legendary movie “Titanic”. In the film, it is told that there is a figure of the richest man passenger with his wife.

Hence, he is Eric Braeden who is well known for his role ‘John Jacob Astor’. What is he like in real life?

So, here is the review!


Stage Name Eric Braeden 
Legal Name Hans-Jorg Gudegast                 
Date of Birth April 3rd, 1941
Gender Male
Height 6 ft  (185 cm)
Eric Braeden Net Worth           $25 million 
Profession Actor 
Nationality American-German 

Introducing Eric Braeden

eric braeden net worth

Eric Braeden is a German-American film star and television actor. He becomes a popular figure in the soap opera.

Likewise, in The Young and the Restless drama, he acted as Victor Newman.

In addition, in 1998, he won for the main actor category in the Daytime Emmy Award in a drama series “Victor Newman”.

Legal Name & Stage Name

  • Legal Name: Hans-JorgGudegast
  • Stage Name: Eric Braeden
  • Date of Birth: April 3rd, 1941
  • Gender & Height: Eric Braeden is a male. He is 6 feet (185 cm) tall, whereas his weight is 183 lbs (83 kg).
  • Nationality: American-German

What is Eric Braeden Best Known for?

Firstly, Eric Braeden started his career by joining the cast on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Then he acted as Victor Newman was first written as a visitor character.

However, he changed into so instantly famous with viewers that showrunners determined to extend his agreement.

To these days, Eric Braeden maintains the big name on the display, and he celebrated his thirty-seventh anniversary at the groundbreaking soap opera in 2017.

After that, in 1997, Braeden had a leading role in the film ‘Titanic’, playing John Jacob Astor IV.

Furthermore, his venerable presence gave the epic film appeal, and he made a good impression on viewers.

Besides, Braeden once became a guest on television shows. For example, one of them was How I Met Your Mother.

Additionally, the other TV shows included The Nanny and The Bold and the beautiful.

From the beginning of his appearance, it can be seen that Braeden is sure to get a fairly high fee for every soap opera that he starred in.

So, this is where Eric Braeden net worth began to form.

Personal life of Eric Braeden

Firstly, at a young age, he decided to immigrate to America and worked as a translator, cattleman, and wood miller.

He got paid for the work he did, and that also definitely contributes to Eric Braeden net worth.

Moreover, his athletic talent led him to get a scholarship. Hence, he continued studying at Montana state university.

During his college life, he created a film entitled “The Riverbusters” with Bob McKinnon.

Thereupon, you can imagine the payment he got for each screening of the film he worked on.

No wonder, Eric Braeden net worth is growing.

Afterward, while finding out a distributor in LA, his British accent and handsome face led him to be an actor.

Besides, he seemed to appear in minor parts beneath his original calling before touching on the lead antagonist.

  • Education. Talking about Eric Braeden’s education, he went to Joseph S Clark Preparatory High School and attended the University of Montana. Moreover, he was a great student and good at sports. Therefore, starting from a young age, he has been performing and acting and he had an idea to pursue a career in acting.
  • Marriage Life: Eric Braeden married his college friend, Dale Russell Gudegast in October 1966. Further, this couple has been already in a happy marriage, and they are now still together. Indeed, it is such a fantastic marriage, right?

Eric Braeden’s Career

Firstly, Eric Braeden accrued many TV and movie credits for his first two years in the USA. Then, his earliest ones had been all under his beginning name, Hans Gudegast.

At some stage in the 1960s, Eric Braeden appeared in numerous episodes of a TV drama. He acted as a German soldier.

Then, he decided to leave The Young and the Restless after being on that show for almost 30 years.

On October 23rd, CBS confirmed that Eric Braeden had inked a brand new three years’ deal.

Also, he would continue to be with the soap opera, even agreeing to take a pay reduction, which become the authentic problem.

Moreover, in 1997 he was cast as Colonel John Jacob Astor IV in ‘Titanic’, he is believed to be very much like the impressive millionaire.

  • Eric Braeden Movies. Eric Braeden took part in several films. For instance, one of them was Titanic. Another film was The Man Who Came Back. Furthermore, he played in The Adulteress and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Additionally, the other movies were Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Piranha and Dayton’s Devils.
  • Eric Braeden TV Shows. Eric Braeden also starred in several TV shows. For example, one of the programs was The Rat Patrol. Meanwhile, the other one in 1973 was The Young and the Restless.
  • Eric Braeden Book. In addition, Eric Braeden has also authored a book. Likewise, he wrote ‘I’ll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led Me to America’s #1 Daytime Drama’.
  • Awards & Nominations. Eric Braeden got some awards and nominations. He was a nominee of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series from Daytime Emmy. Also, he became America’s Favorite Couple from Special Fan Award. Meanwhile, this actor was the winner of the Favorite Male Performer from the People’s Choice Awards. Moreover, he became the winner of Soap Opera Digest three times. Likewise, this man won the category of Outstanding Lead Actor.

Eric Braeden Net Worth

eric braeden net worth

Indeed, as of 2021, Eric Braeden net worth of around $25 million.

  • Property. According to Closer Weekly, Eric Braeden owns 3.500 square foot Santa Monica Mountain home. Hence, He has spent 30 years at that house with his wife. Additionally, this property is still a part of Eric Braeden net worth.
  • Cars. Additionally, a site states that he has a private collection of vintage cars. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information regarding this matter.
  • Salary Per Episode. Eric Braeden is estimated to have earned a salary of $3,000 per episode. Therefore, Eric Braeden net worth increases day by day.

How and How Much Does Eric Braeden Make Money?

Being one of the most expensive paid actors makes him possibly lead to wealth. Thus, Eric Braeden net worth reaches $25 million.

The fact because a lot of his films are hits, it is clear he also has made proper quantities of cash from them.

  • Eric Braeden Net worth: $25 million
  • Salary: to be updated
  • Source of Income: actor

What Is Eric Braeden Doing Now?

Still, Eric Braeden has no plans to retire and continue the career that he has been working on for decades.

Eric Braeden has turned 80 and he is still doing fine. He is now being a part of ‘The Young and the Restless’ and remains to stay as long as he can.

As a result, Eric Braeden net worth is still impressive although he is no longer a young man.