Don Knotts Net Worth – “The Andy Griffith Show” Income

Don Knotts is a famous American comedian that has gained lots of attention for his role on the Andy Griffith Show. Don Knotts net worth is currently being discussed, and rightly so.

Don Knotts starred in several comedy films, including the lead roles in 1960’s “Ghost”, “Mr. Chicken”, and “Mr. Limpet”. He also ranked as 27th on a 50-person list of greatest TV stars of all time.

To find out more about Don Knotts net worth, you should continue reading this article. You will find out his biography and career until he was able to achieve success.

Summary tabel
Stage name Don Knotts
Legal name Jesse Donald Knotts
Date of birth July 21, 1924
Gender Male
Height 5’7” (1.69 meters)
Net worth $20 million
Salary/earning/income per year $4 million
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Profile of Don Knotts

don knotts net worth

So far, you might only know the name Don Knotts and his role as a comedian. You must be wondering what Don Knotts’ real name is and his career success story.

  • Legals Name & Stage Name:
    • American comedian and artist Don Knotts is actually named Jesse Donald Knotts.
    • You now have the information you need to have, so do your research on Don Knotts net worth.
  • Date Of Birth: Jesse Donald or Don Knott were both born in Morgantown, West Virginia U.S on July 21, 1924.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Before you know Don Knotts Net Worth, make sure you at least know his basics.
    • Don Knotts is an American actor who measures up to 5’7” (1.69 meters) and weighs around 70 kg.
  • Don Knotts’ Nationality: Don Knotts was born in a Native American family, moved to New York City to pursue the entertainment industry and ultimately had to return home and join the military.
  • Best Known For:
    • How did Don Knotts Net Worth get to be famous and recognized as one of the greatest comic actors? Don Knotts served in the army and left the military in 1946 with many medals.
    • Don Knotts moved to New York during his time in the military. Later, he went on to become an actor and had success on the radio.
    • Don Knott became famous for his roles in films like Move Over, Darling and The Last Time I Saw Archie. In 1960, Don Knotts starred in “The Red Skelton Hour” and “The Andy Griffith Show”, which increased his popularity tremendously.

Don Knotts’ Young Life

Don Knotts originated from a family of farmers. His father, William Knotts, worked on the farm but his mother, Elsie Luzetta had been in boarding houses for decades before marrying him. Don has three older brothers.

Besides the fact that his father was schizophrenic and an alcoholic, Don Knotts experienced a lot of violence when he was young. This made him quite introverted at such a young age, which is why he had to figure out Don Knotts Net Worth all on his own.

Even though Don Knotts is closed, he still wants to be involved in as many school, religious, and community events as possible.

Don Knotts’ Personal Life

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Don Knotts married Kathryn Metz in 1975. They had a son named Thomas Knotts and daughter named Karen Knotts. He had a very small career at that time and wasn’t doing much to improve Don Knotts Net Worth.

In 1964, his marriage ended in divorce. Soon afterward, he married Loralee Chuchna in 1974 and divorced in 1983. In 2002, he remarried to Frances Yarborough.

  • Don Knotts’ Education

To calculate Don Knotts Net Worth, you need to know that he graduated from Morgantown High School, then enlisted in the army. At that time he served in World War II. After that, in 1984 he completed his undergraduate education at West Virginia University.

Don Knotts’ Career

don knotts net worth

Don Knotts graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in education. After moving to New York City, he got into show business by way of the military working as an actor and later a writer for television & radio.

In 1953, he landed a role in the telenovela Searching for Tomorrow and by 1959-1960 he would star in Steve Allen’s Variety show and Don Knotts net worth would grow. From there, Don Knotts became a comedian.

Don Knotts became a film star in “No Time for Sergeants”. Not surprisingly, he went on to meet Andy Griffith in the same way. If you want more about his career, keep reading this article.

  • Awards & Achievements

You should not be curious about Don Notts net worth. He has many awards and nominations for his iconic roles, proving that he is one of the greatest actors. He has won five awards at Andy Griffith shows. In addition, he also won the TV Land award (Andy Griffith Show), TV Land’s second favorite on the Banana Award, and the TV Land Legend Award.

  • The Andy Griffith Show

Don Knotts quit the show, but was convinced that Andy Griffith would keep it running until the end of its fifth season.

In the meantime, he was busy exploring other career lines on the big screen. He was able to talk to people of the universal image. When moving to the world of film, Don Knotts Net Worth improves and he has earned his place among the world’s best entertainers.

Don Knotts Net Worth

don knotts

Don Knotts died at age 82 in L.A. on February 24, 2006. Don Knotts net worth was estimated at $20 million at the time of his death.

  • How Did Don Knotts Make Money?

Don Knotts made a fortune from playing big movie and TV roles. Many of his movies and TV projects earned him a lot of money.

  • How Much Don Knotts Made per Year?

Don Knotts, who has been a famous comedian for decades and in the industry for years. As of the updated data from 2021, Knotts makes $4 million annually.

  • Real Estate

You now know Don Knotts Net Worth and other factors like his home’s value. Don Knotts has a house in Glendale which is worth more than $1 million.

  • Businesses

Don Knotts is not just a talented American comedian and actor. He’s also known as Sheriff Barney Fife’s deputy on “The Andy Griffith Show” and his character of Ralph Furley from “Threes Company”.

That’s all the information there is to know about Don Knotts Net Worth. You might not be curious about this comedian, but it’s certainly worth reading up on.