DJ Akademiks Net Worth

Information Details
Real Name Livingston Allen
Stage Name DJ Akademiks
Profession YouTuber, Media Personality, Commentator
Best Known For Commentary on hip-hop culture and current events
Nationality Jamaican-American
Gender Male
Social Media DJ Akademiks YouTube
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DJ Akademiks Net Worth$3 million

Livingston Allen a.k.a DJ Akademiks is a famous Jamaican/American DJ and media personality. By juggling multiple work designations, DJ Akademiks is sitting at a fat net worth of $3 million. The net worth didn’t just come from his primary YouTube channel alone. However, his secondary channels, DJ gigs, merchandise, and brand sponsorships. His main channel alone has a combined view of 1.2 billion, so you can imagine how much the final value will be from all the channels combined.

Thanks to his life as a social commentator and musician, his name will always be on the headlines. When more people talk about him or there are many people on his channel, his popularity will expand. In this way, he will get more views. With such an active channel and platform, DJ Akademiks will easily witness increased net value in the days to come.

DJ Akademiks is a well-renowned entertainment and media personality. He is popular among Americans and Jamaicans as well. DJ Akademiks’ career consists of covering numerous entertainment items and numerous news surrounding hip-hop. He covers this news on both social media and the radio too. As his first name indicates, he is heavily involved in the music field with a wide discography.

Today, DJ Akademiks is boasting an attractive net worth of $3 million from all of his projects. He has a successful DJ career, but later, he started transitioning to covering celebrity gossips for the fans. However, he is still DJ-ing and is staying true to where he came from. His social media presence is quite loud, allowing more flow of subscribers. In a few months, he will cross the $3 million mark in his bank account.

DJ Akademiks Bio & Personal info

about DJ Akademiks
Akademiks real name : Livingston Allen
Akademiks age : 29 years Old
Height : 5.8 feet
Birthday : May 17, 1991

DJ Akademiks was born on May 17th of 1991, as Livingston Allen in Spanish Town back in Jamaica. But he moved to the United States and stayed in New York back in 2001.

He has big platforms in his social media and the radio, where he talks about the hottest gossips and headlines surrounding hip hop. His videos also consist of audio commentaries that are layered at the top of the GIFs that are stitched together. He has a strong following of 2.38 million subscribers on YouTube, which is constantly increasing.

DJ Akademiks had his shot to fame by performing DJ shows online, and that is how he started growing his fanbase. He is always bringing insightful information to the table for entertaining his viewers and supporters. DJ Akademiks is a weekly DJ at the radio station of Rutgers University. Also, he holds weekly DJ concerts for his fans in different areas of the city. DJ Akademiks has content on his live DJ shows that are accessible via his YouTube channel.

DJ Akademiks’ YouTube Channel

How Much DJ Akademiks Make

DJ Akademiks created his YouTube channel on July 11th of 2015. He stands at a total strength of 2.38 million subscribers on his channel. Also, his total views are amounting to more than a billion views, which is just insane.

Viewers from around the world are interested in the type of content that he uploads consistently. His channel delves into social issues and commentary as well as satirical news stories.

You can get exclusive content from funny videos, podcasts, and interviews. DJ Akademiks’ first ever video on his channel was titled “Meek Mill’ Dreams Worth More Than Money,” which sells 246,288 in First Week. DJ Akademiks reviews it.” His most viewed video is titled “Young Thug Posts up The Game Daughter on Instagram and gets Warned ‘PLAY WITH ME IF U WANT TO’” with over 5 million views.

He also has multiple secondary YouTube channels such as “DJ Akademiks,” “Lil AK,” “DJ Akademiks (Same name as the main one),” “The War in Chiraq,” “King Akademiks,” and “Crime Fails.” The subscribers are 183K, 5.23K, 331K, 384K, 201K, and 8.71K, respectively.

How Much Does DJ Akademiks Make on YouTube?

Accumulating about 2.6 million audiences on his main channel and a combined view of 1.2 billion views, he is doing excellent financially. Also, he is garnering around 1500 new subscribers every day, and it gets about 150,000 views every day cumulatively at an average. It helps in generating around $750 every single day, which goes on to make $270,000 every year through YouTube advertisements.

Every YouTuber receives between $2-$7 for every 1K monetized views, but only after YouTube takes its fair share. The viewing range for monetization is between 40% to 80% of the combined view. Key factors like played-on device, content type, advertisement ad and engagement, ad counts in a video, and the number of watchers skipping the ads. Plus, the advertisers need to bid over $0.01 for every view at a minimum.

How Much Extra Earnings Does DJ Akademiks Make?

Without a doubt, DJ Akademiks has a super successful YouTube channel as his main source of income. By using his primary channel, he can obtain a lot of revenue every day. But he also has six secondary channels that help generate his side income.

All of his secondary channels come equipped with many subscribers, so there is reliable income flow from these sources.

Also, DJ Akademiks is a weekly DJ that performs at the radio station of Rutgers University. He also performs multiple gigs at different parties, birthdays, and other important occasions.

He will charge for his concerts, allowing him to get secure cheques. And don’t forget that he has a merch line that caters to the interests of the entire fanbase. Plus, as a public figure, he will receive brand sponsorships all the time.

More Details on DJ Akademiks

After his high school graduation, DJ Akademiks went on to study at Rutgers University. He has a degree in Biomathematics, and his love for music production grew during that time.

Also, he went on to take up and complete his degree in Math Finance (Masters). Allen began his first website titled “Late Night Creep,” where he was covering hip-hop tracks. But he went on to expand himself in the industry of urban entertainment after some time.

He began by posting satirical and also light-hearted video content. The prominence of his YouTube channel started to happen partly due to his coverage concerning the drill music scene of Chicago back in 2014. With all the opportunities at stake, you can see his promising future.