Dillon Francis Net Worth in 2022 Complete with His Biography

Being a musician certainly brings a lot of wealth. Dillon Francis is no exception. Hence, if you are one of his fans and curious about Dillon Francis net worth, here is a complete review about him.

Summary Table

Stage Name Dillon Francis
Legal Name Dillon Hart Francis
Date of Birth October 5th, 1987
Gender Male
Height 1.80 m
Net Worth $9 Million to $15 Million (Estimated in 2022)          
Income per Year $1.3 Million to $1.8 Million
Profession Professional DJ and Record Producer
Nationality American

Familiar With Dillon Francis


Who doesn’t know Dillon Francis? He is not only a world-famous Disc Jockey, but also a record producer.

Besides, his name became well-known since Diplo, an American producer, discovered his unique talent to produce refreshing remixes and music videos.

Furthermore, Dillon’s creativity in producing music makes many artists desire to work with him. Before going deeper into Dillon Francis net worth, let us look at some of his profiles below.

  • His Legal and Stage Name:
    • Come with the actual name Dillon Hart Francis. Then, he remained popular with a stage name that is not much different, namely Dillon Francis.
    • Indeed, being an artist did not make him completely change his name.
  • Dillon Francis Date of Birth:
    • Dillon was born in Los Angeles on 5th October 1987. His parents are Robert Drew Francis and Katica, whose father is American while his mother is Serbian-Croatian.
    • Further, both of his parents are known as doctors and well-educated people.
  • About Gender and Height:
    • Of course, everyone knew that he is now almost 35 years old. Also, at his current age, Dillon is 1.80 m tall with 78 kg weight.
    • Interestingly, Dillon likes healthy food during his tour. Therefore, he has an ideal weight.
  • His Nationality:
    • Although his father and mother are from different nationalities, Dillon is an American. Even more, he admits that he loves his homeland and has no plans to move from Los Angeles at any time.
  • What is Dillon Francis Best Known For?
    • Behind Dillon Francis net worth, he used a unique work to bring the name of this native Los Angeles to glory, namely the moombahton genre.
    • This type of music made him a star. Likewise, the uniqueness of this music genre makes it an exclusive work that not many artists know about it.
    • Besides being known as a creative DJ and record producer, recently Dillon is also known as the top paid artist and the wealthiest musician in the world.

Life Story

Born from a lower-middle-class family, Dillon is more required to prioritize education than entertainment.

Also, his parents did not allow him to spend much time watching TV. He devoted all of his time to studying and was only allowed to watch educational-based shows.

Therefore, Dillon had time to hide his interest in music from his parents. It was hard to convince his parents when he wanted to be a musician.

Dillon had a bet that if he did not find his way as a musician within a year, he would return to pursue his studies.

However, it turns out that the goddess of fortune sided with him until now, and Dillon Francis net worth continues to grow over time.

  • Education

Dillon Francis attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Then he went on to study at Santa Monica Art College to pursue the graffiti field.

Additionally, he often listened to electronic music to boost his adrenaline while working on art during college.

  • Personal Life

Not much you can find about the personal life, except Dillon Francis net worth. However, there are some pieces of information related to his life that you can know.

First, Dillon is good at several musical instruments such as keyboards, synthesizers, digital audio workstations, and much more.

Next, despite his busy work as a musician, Dillon has a good bond with his family.

However, if you are curious about Dillon Francis wife, it seems that you cannot find the answer at this time.

Many controversies have revealed his relationship with Katy Perry. But, in fact, he still chooses to be single until now.


dillon francis net worth

Besides actively working in music, Dillon Francis is also involved in television shows and regularly produces videos on social media.

Dillon Francis Music Career

Since his meeting with producer Diplo, they decided to work on ‘Que Que Que’ and ‘Masta Blasta’. Both pieces managed to get top ratings on several music charts.

It is the beginning of the soaring Dillon Francis net worth to $9 Million and even lasts until 2021.

In 2012, Dillon released the songs ‘ IDGAFOS’ and ‘Bootleg Fireworks’, which became the following top songs.

He was awarded the first artist to produce moombahton music and occupied the highest ranking on the Beatport release chart.

In the following years, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Dillon increasingly rose to fame with his two famous albums, namely ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’ and ‘This Mixtape is Fire’.

Then he released his no less famous album in 2018 entitled ‘Wut Wut’.

While contributing Catchy Song in 2019 to The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, his success continued to grow.

Dillon Francis Movies

Dillon initially appeared on television in 2016 in a famous MTV program, “Ridiculousness”. After that, at Life TV film, he was a background actor of Succeeding.

Next, in 2017, Dillon joined in the four episodes of What Would Diplo Do and acted as Jasper.

Dillon Francis Net Worth


Over the last five years, from 2017 to 2021, Dillon Francis net worth has continued to rise from $7 Million to now reach $9 Million.

Then, it will continue to increase to $15 Million in 2022.

  • Dillon Francis Net Worth from His Businesses

Another investment that Dillon made to increase his wealth was in collaboration with Barney Cool.

They produce limited merch such as t-shirts, jackets, corduroy hats, and hoodies with bright summer colours inspired by his favourite character, Gerald.

  • Real Estate

There is no detailed information about Dillon Francis house yet. The point is, he had already moved out of his parent’s home.

Moreover, now he had his dwelling after successfully becoming a professional DJ.

  • How much does Dillon Francis make a year?

Because of his spectacular electronic music skills and record producer, Dillon Francis net worth has an estimated income per year of about $1.5 Million.

In addition, his activeness in producing videos on social media earned around $670 per post per one million followers.

While Dillon’s followers currently reach 2.4 million followers, so, you know how much Dillon Francis net worth is, indeed.

  • How does Dillon Francis make money?

He earns his salary from music, videos on his social media, and some TV program deals.

Recent Activities

Apart from Dillon Francis net worth, there are many questions regarding his activities. Reported until January 2022, he is still busy with his tour activities in various countries.

Also, actively produce videos on social media.