Desiree Washington Net Worth, Former Miss Black America

Her presence is no longer known and she still remains gorgeous as a beautiful woman. Desiree Washington’s story as a model is getting more attention as well. While her career may have ended, according to the media she has amassed an estimated Desiree Washington net worth of $50k.

Summary table
Stage Name Desiree Washington
Legal name Desiree Washington
Date of Birth 1973
Gender Female
Height 5′ 6″
Net worth $50,000
Salary / earning / income per year $60,000 per year
Profession Model
Nationality American

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Desiree Washington’s Background Identity

  • Legal Name & stage name: Her birth name and stage name are the same, namely Desiree Washington.
  • Date of Birth: This beautiful woman was born in 1973.
  • Gender & Height: At the latest information while in her modeling career and serving as a Rhode island beauty princess, this model’s height is estimated to be around 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Desiree Washington Best Known for? Known as the beautiful daughter of Miss Black Rhode Island at the age of 18 years. Desiree is also known as a victim of rape by Mike Tyson in 1991.

Life Beginnings

early life of desiree washington

Desiree, who was born in 1973, grew up on Rhode island. Desiree Washington was interested in modeling from a very young age and has continued to pursue that passion when she’s not busy with her family. She dreams about being the next big fashion model, just like most other girls do.

  • Education

The woman who won Miss Black 1991 was educated at Coventry High School. Cola is known as a social, friendly person who has a passion for modeling. She continued her psychology education at Providence College.

  • Personal life

This woman has a father named Donald Washington, mother Mary Belle Silva Washington and two brothers Don Jr. and Dora.

Before the controversy, it seemed like Desiree Washington was destined for a successful modeling career. However, the scandal had a much stronger effect and led to her parents’ very public divorce.

His brother felt bad when later on he learned that many people made fun of his family. As a result, Desiree Washington decided to get away from the public spotlight and live life in private.


desiree washington's career

Of course, Desiree’s main career is as a model. This 1973-born woman started her dream by getting the Miss Black Island Rhode Island beauty tiara in 1991. As a child, she would have opportunity to sign many contracts and focus on what made her happy: modeling.

Ppreviously, she had some confidence in her career in the modeling world. The beginning of Desiree Washington net worth career as a princess beauty saw her go to many modeling shows.

She eventually stepped onto the stage of princess beauty which turned into the beginning of Desiree Washington net worth. Unfortunately, the career declined drastically due to the controversy with Mike Tyson. She reported that Mike Tyson had raped her when she met him at the hotel.

There was no controversy and reporting. The medical reports are clear that Tyson had not been coercive, but there is still a defense for the statement. Both have sexual intercourse voluntarily. Unfortunately, this information is not sufficient to clear the suit. Finally Tyson languished in prison for three years.

One year after the controversy, Desiree had reappeared in public. Although there are no details about Desiree Washington net worth, it seems clear that she is making a living from her personal appearances or perhaps from paid talks.

Desiree was in an abusive relationship with Tyson, a famous athlete, where she suffered from mental abuse and lost her job. She felt safe enough to come out of hiding and share her story.

Even after Tyson deposited his check for 200k, it’s unclear as to whether Desiree should ask for even more money than what was demanded from her on the case.

The Washington family’s personal wealth remains hidden from the media and public. This is to avoid any impact of a loss in Congress or around the world.

Desiree Washington Net worth

desiree washington businesses

Although she no longer appears in the public eye because of her sad story because of the rape controversy on Mike Tyson, Desiree Washington net worth is still at 50 thousand dollars. In fact, there were rumors that Tyson had to pay him $200,000 to solve the problem.


As a Miss Black winner in Rhode Island in 1991, this woman has opened up business opportunities, careers, contracts and better salaries at the age of 18. This soon-to-be politician was not able to go through with his plans because of the controversy. It just made him miss this opportunity.

After a stretch of time, when the controversy highlights the music industry, she actually had the opportunity to explore her musical passions. A lot of rappers in the 90s used to use Mike Tyson as a celebrity. His appearance with Desiree is a great example of that situation.

After that, they no longer trust each other. The controversy that occurred in 1991 linked Mike Tyson who continued to chase Desiree and asked her to come to the hotel. When we met, Mike Tyson was in a drunken state. Which ends with the occurrence of aggressive actions and rape.

Desiree Washington net worth has been rising steadily since the case went to court. As a result, after an examination at the hospital, it was found that there was evidence of rape. This incident became known to the public after Tyson was arrested for 3 years.

  • How much Desiree Washington makes per year?

If you take Desiree Washington net worth of $50,000 and her monthly salary or income of $5,000, then it can be said that she still has a very high Desiree Washington net worth and salary.

  • How does Desiree Washington make money?

Her career and work as a model account for most of Desiree Washington net worth income. Desiree is doing modeling shows and retiring from the public eye. She also got a contract and worked as a contestant for Miss Black America in Rhode Island in 1991.

Desiree Washington Recently Doing?

Though Desiree retired, Mike’s problems and her career setbacks are something she’s still facing. There is no information available about any of these things.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where it is at the moment. This beautiful woman has a mental breakdown after her rape tragedy. Until now, the senior and her family were hiding all information about him.

Nobody knows where or what the person is doing. In the meantime, there are some rumors that she is single already and others that she’s married. The Desiree Washington net worth is still an estimate, but she appeared to be a wealthy woman with high Desiree Washington net worth before and during her time on the show.

Some descriptions of an attractive woman with many accomplishments, who was once Miss Black America. After her career as a model slumped after the Mike Tyson tragedy, she kept busy by working at a store and taking on a number of small-time jobs.