Chad Kroeger Net Worth – Avril Lavigne’s Ex Husband Success Story

As a fan of this musician, you must be curious about Chad Kroeger net worth. Therefore, this article provides a detailed story about his wealth, personal life, and career.

Summary Table

Stage Name Chad Kroeger
Legal Name Chad Robert Kroeger
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 15th November 1974
Height 6 feet (185 cm)
Chad Kroeger Net Worth $65 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year              $9 million
Profession Singer, Music producer, Musician                       
Nationality Canadian

Who is Chad Kroeger?

chad kroeger net worth

Chad Kroger is a popular musician and singer from Canada. He is also widely known as a lead vocalist and guitarist of Nickelback.

Furthermore, he wrote and produced songs for several artists.

  • This musician’s real name is Chad Robert Kroeger. Meanwhile, the public recognizes him as Chad Kroeger.
  • This Nickelback vocalist was born in 1974. Then, Chad celebrates his birthday every 15th November.
  • This Canadian singer is male. Chad Kroeger is 6 feet (185 cm), whereas he weighs 189,5 lbs (86 kg).
  • Since he was born in Hanna, Canada, the nationality of Chad Kroeger is Canadian.

What is Chad Kroeger Best Known for?

The public recognizes Chad Kroeger as the lead vocalist of a Canadian band named Nickelback. He wrote songs and featured various artists.

For instance, the artists were Daughtry, Santana, Timbaland, and Tim McGraw.

Further, Chad Kroeger is one of the most popular rock musicians. Likewise, his band has sold over 50 million copies of music albums.

Moreover, due to his fame and success in the music industry, his fans are interested in finding out Chad Kroeger net worth.

Early Life of Chad Kroeger

Indeed, Chad Kroeger was the son of Wendall Turton. Sadly, his father left him and his family when he was 2 years old.

Therefore, Chad uses the maiden name of his mother, Kroeger.

Meanwhile, Chad Kroeger has a sibling named Mike. His brother is also a member of Nickleback and plays bass for this music group.

Additionally, Chad started learning guitar when he was 13 years old. He got his first guitar from his mother.

Nonetheless, there is no information about where Chad studied. But, he was very troubled while being a junior high school student.

Subsequently, Chad Kroeger stole his friend’s money eleven times. As the result, he was sent to juvenile hall.

After dating for one month, Chad Kroger married Avril Lavigne on 1st July 2013. Their wedding took place in France and Canada.

However, Chad and Avril divorced two years after being together.

Chad Kroeger’s Career

Chad Kroeger established a music career by creating several bands. Then, in 1990, he started a music band entitled The Village Idiot.

Nevertheless, this band cannot achieve the public’s attention. But, he does not give up since he tried to build other music bands.

Apart from his work as a guitarist and singer, Chad Kroeger is also a music producer and songwriter.

Therefore, the amount of Chad Kroeger net worth must be great.

Chad Kroeger Music Career

Even his first music band, The Village Idiot, was failed, Chad Kroeger never gave up. Afterward, he formed a new band in 1995 and named it Nickelback.

Then, the founders of this band are Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Brandon Kroeger, as well as Ryan Peake.

This band was successful in releasing 9 albums including Curb, Silver Side Up, and All the Right Reasons.

Meanwhile, in 2001, Chad Kroeger formed a new band named The Suits XL.

Furthermore, the members of this band are Sam Lobier, Oliver Roy de Belleval, Yohann Gosselin, Patrick Paquet, and Antonio Berube.

Chad also established his own record label named 604 Records. After that, it produced The Suits XL album in 2002.

Additionally, Chad Kroeger wrote songs for some artists. For instance, he worked with Santana for the album entitled Ultimate Santana.

Hence, Chad’s music career is so incredible. His success in the music industry contributes positively to Chad Kroeger net worth.

Chad Kroeger is the music producer of the music band Bo Bice, Default, and Theory of a Deadman.

Besides, he produced a soundtrack for Spiderman film.

Furthermore, the best songs from Chad Kroeger are Photograph and How You Remind Me. Hence, these songs could rank in the first position on Billboard chart.

Apart from his music career, Chad Kroeger showed his acting talent by appearing in The Jim Gaffigan Show.

This TV show is a comedy series.

Awards & Nominations

During his music career, Chad Kroeger has received various prestigious awards. For instance, he received MTV Video Music Award in 2002.

Then, this musician won the Songwriter nomination in Juno Award. In addition, he received International Achievement and Juno Award.

Chad Kroeger Net Worth

Everyone is curious about Chad Kroeger net worth since he is one of the most popular Canadian musicians.

Thus, his net worth is estimated at $65 million.

In addition, Chad Kroeger net worth is from music production, songwriting, and concerts. The popularity of his band, the Nickleback also contributes to his wealth.

Besides, he gets a big income for his collaboration with several artists.

Businesses, Real Estate, & Cars

Moreover, Chad Kroeger was very passionate about music. As a result, he established his own record label company named 604 Records.

Considering the huge amount of Chad Kroeger net worth, it is easy for him to have a property investment.

Then, in 1990, he purchased a house in British Columbia. After that, in 2015, he bought a mansion for $5.6 million located in Sherman Oaks, California.

However, 5 years after the divorce, he sold it for $5 million.

Chad Kroeger is the collector of luxurious cars. For instance, he has Lamborghini Diablo and Ford Mustang Boss 429.

How Much Chad Kroeger Make Per Year?

Indeed, Chad Kroeger can earn $9 million a year for his hard work as a musician, singer, producer, and songwriter.

Therefore, as he earns an incredible amount of income every year, it is not shocking that Chad Kroeger net worth is so big.

Chad Kroeger net worth is still accumulated from the income from the music concerts. Besides, he also earns a big salary from writing songs and featuring other popular singers.

Is Chad Kroeger Retired?

Chad Kroeger never announces his retirement plan. This Canadian musician is still working in the music industry.

Thereupon, without a doubt, Chad Kroeger net worth is growing higher due to his hard work and impressive performance.

Chad Kroeger still has busy a schedule for music tours and concerts this year. However, he does not reveal what his next music project is.