Cee Lo Green Net Worth, Famous Rapper from America

Pursuing music, Cee Lo Green has had a long career since joining former hip hop group Goodie Mob and eventually becoming a solo singer.

This work as a singer is pursued until he has a fantastic Cee Lo Green net worth. Cee Lo Green net worth is reported to reach 10 million US dollars. Check out the following information.

Cee-Lo Green started a serious music career after being involved with Goodie Mob for several years. His solo works have been quite impressive and helped him achieve success even before he left the group.

This is a great way to make an incredible amount of net worth money and the work pays off. Cee Lo Green is already earning Cee Lo Green net worth, and he’s only getting started. Check out the following information.

Summary table
Stage Name Cee Lo Green
Legal name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
Date of Birth May 30, 1975
Gender Male
Height 5’ 5”
Net worth $10 million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession American Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor
Nationality American

Cee Lo Green’s Background Identity

  • Legal Name & stage name: Known by the stage name Cee Lo Green, the singer’s real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway.
  • Date of Birth: He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on May 30, 1975 (46 years old).
  • Gender & Height: This man has a height of 5’ 5” with a weight of 260 lbs.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Cee Lo Green Best Known for? He is known as an American singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and mentor or talent judge.

Life Beginning

early life of cee lo green

CeeLo Green was born into a religious family, which led to him starting his music career in church. Green’s mother died when he was 18 after a car accident. His father had passed away around the same time as well.

Green would have been writing and recording his songs during the time of his mother’s death, but it left him in a deep depression. Green experienced depression throughout his career and even throughout that time period. His musical inspiration became stronger and he produced various kinds of musical works.

  • Education

Green attended high school at Riverside Military Academy, a boys’ boarding house in Gainesville, Georgia.

  • Personal life

Cee Lo Green and Christina Johnson became married on September 30, 2000, and welcomed Kingston into the world 9 months later. Not only that, Cee Lo is also the stepfather of Christina’s two daughters, Kalah and Sierra.


cee lo green's career
  • Awards & Nominations received by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green has 18 nominations & 5 awards from the Grammy Awards. Entertainment magazines like MTV, Billboard, and more have been recognizing songs that are nominated for awards.

Cee Lo Green Net worth

Cee Lo Green net worth is worth 10 million US dollars. He manages a band that makes significantly part of his annual income. He joined several famous music groups, and began pursuing a solo career. Here is the detailed information.


After joining his band, Cee Lo decided to go solo. Cee Lo Green’s decision to work with AI, proved beneficial for his career. The talented singer and musical hit-maker has an incredible Cee Lo Green net worth even without the help of anyone else.

Upon deciding to work on his next project, Gnarls Barkley, in collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse, Cee Lo released 2 albums from the contract he went through.

The biggest hit that resulted was titled “Crazy” which entered the top 5 in several major countries, including the USA and UK.

Cee Lo Green net worth reached $180 million in 2018. He’s released six albums to date and continues to work hard. He has released music independently and has signed contracts with major record labels such as Sony Music.

Green has an official website where Green is currently selling merchandise, including live performances that people can buy.

CeeLo Green got involved with The Voice in 2011 and rose to fame through his guidance of the contestants on the show. He also gained a lot of popularity for appearances on other TV series, like Big Brother.

For the first season, he reportedly made 2 million US dollars which is equivalent to 29 billion. But after that, the revenue was changed to $6.5 million until in Season 6.

Mansion and Cars

Cee Lo Green net worth can be seen from his luxurious Mansion he lives in with four exclusive sports facilities. He has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

This mansion on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles boasts a grand living area and has plenty of space for hosting or entertaining guests.

The large master suite comes with its own fireplace for those cold evenings, and there are numerous wardrobes to keep everything in order.

Cee Lo Green drives a custom Rolls-Royce. This car is synonymous with luxury, smooth driving, or better known as high-end vehicles. The Rolls-Royce Motors Phantom is one of the oldest brands in history.

It has been ingrained in tradition and has always been associated with quality and reliability. It can be said that Cee Lo Green net worth is also calculated from the value of his car.

How does Cee Lo Green make money?

cee lo green businesses

Cee Lo Green’s contributions in the world of music have greatly contributed to his current wealth and his involvement on The Voice has also given him a monthly salary. This is what makes Cee Lo Green net worth at 10 million US dollars.

Cee Lo Green is known as a musician for his unique sense of style and great ability to bring color. The first time he gained widespread recognition was by performing in the Goodie Mob, in the early 90’s. After not being successful in a solo gig, Cee Lo Green started investing to form Gnarls Barkley with DJ Danger Mouse. Some of the duo’s most popular hits like “Crazy” contributed to Cee Lo Green net worth.

Their collaboration resulted in two hit records, as well as lots of tours in different countries. Cee Lo Green is a rapper who launched his solo career in the early 2000s and experienced tremendous success, catapulting him to significantly higher Cee Lo Green net worth.

Cee Lo Green is known for a lot of his accomplishments, but what most people don’t know is that he has also been a judge on the popular singing competition show The Voice.

When he had a chance to get back to his musical roots, Mob decided to start recording an album with Goodie Mob. Not forgetting, he also wrote a book and became a voice actor for one of the characters in the Hotel Transylvania cartoon. In addition, he also makes a lot of wealth from issuing royalties. So far, his Cee Lo Green worth is estimated at $10 million.

What is Cee Lo Green Recently Doing?

Actually, Cee Lo Green is still active in the world of music until now. But there is widespread speculation that the American singer, best known for his hit songs, will announce his retirement from music.

From some sources he plans to quit the world of music at the age of 47 years, and this is an imminent time.

Many people have heard of Cee Lo Green and his accomplishments in music, but not many know about Cee Lo Green net worth.

He’s still busy in the world of music, but he just released his latest single. It is planned that he will hold shows at Kansas Star Kasiona, Mulvane, KS and several other locations.

Overall, Cee Lo Green net worth comes from his work in the music world. In addition, he is also active as a producer and songwriter.

He’s been in the music industry for some time now and it has yielded merit for him. The concert updates he provides allow him to be a great resource for music fans and it also lets them go live without waiting for a concert to start.