Buster Douglas Net Worth after 23 Years

Buster Douglas is one of the best former professional boxers in the world. His best moment was when he defeated one of the best at that time, Mike Tyson. Now, it is already 23 years since he retired as a professional boxer. So, how much has Buster Douglas net worth accumulated?
Please keep reading to find out about his wealth, career before and after boxing, personal life, and the latest news about Buster Douglas net worth.

Summary table
Stage Name Buster Douglas
Legal name James Douglas
Date of Birth April 7, 1960
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
Net worth $15 Million
Salary (Cannot be calculated)
Profession Former Professional Boxer
Nationality United State of America

Who is Buster Douglas? (Biography)

Douglas was a professional boxer who competed for 18 years from 1981 to 1999. Before the memorable moment of defeating the undefeated, he actually already made quite a name for himself with a pre-fight record of 29–4–1 (1) (19 KO). At the end of his career, his record was playing for 46 games, resulting in 38 wins in which, 25 of them by KO, and losing six times with 1 Draw. This record allows Buster Douglas net worth to increase so much over time.

Buster Douglas net worth

Legal Name & stage name

His stage name, as most people have known, is Buster Douglas. Douglas’s real name or legal name is James Douglas. Buster is a nickname labeled to his professional career.

Buster Douglas Date of Birth

He was born on April 7, 1960, and turns 62 in 2022. The amount of Buster Douglas net worth in this article is his latest wealth from the newest data we found.

Gender & Height

Douglas is obviously a male with 6 ft 3 inches in height or about 1.92 meters.


Born in Columbus, Ohio, The United States, his nationality is American. For the record, most of his games were held in the US, meaning Buster Douglas net worth mainly accumulated in his work in America.

What is Buster Douglas Best Known for?

Buster Douglas’s popularity increased tremendously after his game with Mike Tyson in Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. The date of the game was on February 11, 1990. No one had expected Douglas to win against Mike Tyson with a previous record of 37 wins with Ko and no losses. But he was able to knock out the undisputed heavyweight champion. Tyson lost in the tenth round. Later, this game is considered one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. Buster Douglas net worth in the future is also influenced by this championship.

Buster Douglas net worth

The early life of Buster Douglas

He was the son of a professional boxer named William “Dynamite” Douglas. His father owned a gym in which he introduced young Douglas to boxing. He attended university with a Basketball scholarship back then but later moved back to his hometown to focus on boxing.


Douglas went to Linden McKinley High School for his high school. He first attended Sinclair Community College for one year, then continued his university life at Mercyhurst University on a basketball scholarship.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Douglas married Bertha M. Paige on July 2, 1987. Their marriage later blessed them with three children. But unfortunately, there is only a little information about his family life.

Buster Douglas’s Career

Buster Douglas’s first game was on May 31, 1981, when he defeated Dan O’Malley with a technical knockout. He was later officially recognized as undisputed heavyweight champion after four days of some dramatic protest regarding the match. Douglas later lost his title in the match billed as “The Moment of Truth” on October 25, 1990, to Evander Holyfield.

Buster Douglas Net worth

How much is Buster Douglas net worth currently? Our info shows that his net worth amounts to $15 million. He made his wealth mainly from his past career as a boxer and some appearances in media. For some reason, Buster Douglas net worth is even higher than the legend Mike Tyson himself.

Buster Douglas net worth


He owns a business selling various products online which can be accessed on onlymybestapparel.com. Among the product is Borbon Whiskeys which he signed the bottle himself.
We also couldn’t find any other detailed contract related to his past work. Most of the discussion about Douglas circles around his match with Mike Tyson instead of his source of income.

Investment in Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Buster Douglas lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA. We couldn’t find any hints about his investments in any real estate. We even couldn’t find how much his living house costs.
Usually, when a public figure lists his assets to the public, we will find news about it later. However, there is no info about Douglas’s mansion, house, or apartment being sold to someone else. That’s why we argue that Buster Douglas net worth is most likely not the result of any investment but his income from boxing.

Buster Douglas net worth in the form of Sports cars / yachts / vehicles

Not even his social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram, which have been activated since 2018, ever mention his car. There is also no news about other vehicles, yachts, or anything else.

How much does Buster Douglas make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

His current salary from his business is still unknown. We couldn’t estimate the number of sales he made. During his career, he was able to gain around $3 million after the fight with Mike Tyson. The highest salary and the biggest sum of money he ever earned were 24.1 million dollars after losing to Evander Holyfield.

Buster Douglas net worth

How does Buster Douglas make money?

There are two sources of income we thought to support the current Buster Douglas net worth. The first is his past income, whether from winning or fulfilling a contract with his sponsor. Another one is the profit from his business. But such small companies might not really have a significant contribution to Buster Douglas net worth at all.

Is Buster Douglas Retired?

Douglas has already retired for 23 years now as a professional boxer. But we can find many pictures of him actively coaching younger fighters or teenagers who would like to become professional boxers in the future.

What is Buster Douglas Doing now?

Some resources claim that he works at the local Parks and Recreation department. Another piece of info said, like what we told earlier, that he trains new boxers in a gym. He left many meaningful lessons to the world by overcoming one of the highest challenges, defeating the undefeated. One of the quotes associated with Buster Douglas is, “Dream, dream big, and believe in your dream.”