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Brad Garrett Net Worth: Voice Actor behind Popular Cartoon Movies

Finding Nemo, who doesn’t know this film? Therefore, this voice actor can earn a lot of money which contributes to Brad Garrett net worth.

Furthermore, he was behind these popular movies like Tangled, Finding Dory, Christopher Robin, Casper.

Hence, almost all people must have watched those films. So, are you curious about how much Brad Garrett net worth is?

Here is the review.


Stage Name Brad Garrett
Legal Name Bradley Henry Gerstenfeld
Date of Birth April 14th, 1960
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 8 ⅛ in (203.5 cm)
Brad Garrett Net Worth           $60 million 
Profession Actor, professional poker, stand-up comedian, and voice actor          
Nationality American

Personal Information of Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett is not only an American stand-up comedian but also a voice actor. Also, he becomes a professional poker player.

Thus, if we look at some of the jobs that this actor was involved in, could you imagine how much Brad Garrett net worth?

  • Legal Name: Bradley Henry Gerstenfeld
  • Stage Name: Brad Garrett
  • Date of Birth: April 14th, 1960
  • Gender & Height: Male, 6 feet 8 ⅛ inches (203.5 cm)
  • Nationality: American
  • Best Known for:
    • Brad Garrett is famous for his character as ‘Eddie Stark’ on ‘Til Death’ from 2006 to 2010. Besides, he is the cast of ‘Robert Barone’.
    • Garrett acted as this character from 1996 until 2005 on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Additionally, he is best known for his tall stature and deep voice.
    • Furthermore, this might be the reason why he is able to be the voice actor for some popular cartoon movies.

Previous Years of Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett was born in Woodland Hills, California to Barbara and Albert “Al” Gerstendfeld.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Paul are his brothers. Basically, he is of Jewish descent.

While studying in high school, he also appeared at UCLA less than two months earlier, leaving it to pursue a comedy career.

Education and Marriage

Brad Garrett attended George Ellery Middle School. After that, his high school was El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills.

Moreover, at the University of California, he endured his BA in History and B.S in Anthropology.

Then, Brad Garrett went to the UK in 2008. Finally, at the University of London, he finished a Ph.D. in social and cultural geography.

Jill Diven was Brad Garrett’s wife. Their marriage was in 1999. Then, they have got two children.

In addition, their first son is Maxwell Bradley Garrett (b. 1999) and Hope Violet Garrett (b.2000).

Unfortunately, they both got divorced in 2007. However, they are now focusing on being the best co-parents for their children.

Brad Garrett’s Career

brad garrett net worth

Firstly, Brad Garrett started his career by performing in various improved clubs running in Los Angeles.

Likewise, in 1984, he became the first $100,000 grand winner in a comedy contest on the famous TV entitled “Star Search”.

Hence, after achieving tremendous success through a comedy career, he stated that he attempted on TV.

Furthermore, his deep voice has led him to creative work being a voice actor, like the one on Finding Nemo, Superman, A Bug’s Life, Project Geeker, and many more.

Brad Garrett Movies

Brad Garrett has several popular movies. For instance, there are A Bug’s life (1998) and Finding Nemo (2003).

Meanwhile, in 2005, the movies are Tom and Jerry, The Amateurs, and Tarzan II.

Also, he became the cast of Tangled (2010), Planes (2013), The Clockwork Girl (2014), and Finding Dory (2016).

Last, he took part in Christopher Robin (2018).

Brad Garrett TV Shows

Some of Brad Garret’s popular TV Shows are Casper (1996), The Batman/Superman Movie (1998), ‘Til Death (2006-2010), and Glory Daze (2010).

Another one is The Crazy Ones (2013-2014), whereas the others are Fargo (2015), Manhattan (2015), This Is Us (2016), Apple (2016), and Bull (2017).

Brad Garrett Comedy Club

Brad Garrett has a Comedy Club on the Las Vegas Strip. Also, it locates in the basement of the MGM Grand.

Besides, Brad Garrett got a hand inside the club’s layout himself.

Additionally, the club is widely known for its crimson curtains and vintage-college attraction.

Also, the venue no longer serves food, aside from flavored popcorn. Otherwise, you will have no hassle ordering beverages.

Further, there are not any drink minimums. However, you should be 21 or older to go into, with a valid shape of identification.

Awards and Nominations

Here are the updates for the last two years before moving to discuss Brad Garrett net worth.

Firstly, Brad Garret won Best International Documentary Film from Zurich Film Festival (2020).

Meanwhile, the second award comes from Sundance Film Festival (2020).

Also, in 2020, Mr. Garrett got a nomination for Documentary Feature from Hamptons International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Garrett’s nominations in 2021 were Academy Awards (Best Documentary Feature) and Black Reel Awards (Outstanding Documentary).

Then, he got Film Independent Spirit Awards (Best Documentary), Gold Derby Awards (winner of Documentary Feature), and Gotham Awards (Best Documentary – time).

After that, this actor won International Online Cinema Awards. Last, the nomination came from North Dakota Film Society (Best Documentary Feature).

Brad Garrett Net Worth

Indeed, Brad Garrett net worth reaches around $60 million in 2022.

Luxury House and Cars

In addition, Brad Garrett has a large luxury house in Malibu. Then, its size is 6.526 square feet. Also, it contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Thus, this house is officially a part of Brad Garrett net worth.

Brad loves cars, particularly convertibles. For instance, one of his remarkable collections is the 2008 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

Besides, the others include the 2008 Porsche rapid Carrera and 2009 Bentley GT convertible.

Moreover, Bentley is his favored car because he thinks it is miles a very fast, responsive, and comfy vehicle.

Thus, this is another Brad Garrett net worth we can see.

Income Detail

Indeed, Brad Garrett’s wealth reaches $60 million (approx. 2022). However, there is no detailed information about his salary.

Thereupon, we will update it soon.

Brad Garrett has been making an outstanding sum of money from being a stand-up comedian as well as an actor.

Besides, he has earned his fortune with an acting career made into animated films, movies, TV, and stand-up comedy routines.

Hence, no wonder Brad Garrett net worth is always increasing because of the many works he has presented.

Is Brad Garrett Off The Career?

Nevertheless, there is no information whether or not he is retired as he has been active in the entertainment industry since 1980-present.

Indeed, Brad Garrett is in good health. He is still actively undergoing the comedy routine. Therefore, Brad Garrett net worth grows well.

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