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How Much is Binh Ho Net Worth?

Binh Ho, an iconic story of someone who is rich. Binh Ho net worth has increase year after year and with it has come success in multiple businesses, especially real estate and banking.

Summary tabel
Stage name Binh Ho
Legal name Binh Ho
Date of birth 1949
Gender Male
Binh Ho Net worth $350 million by 2021
Sallary/earning/income per year
Profession Businessmen
Nationality American

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Familiarize With Binh Ho

Before knowing Binh Ho net worth, it would be nice to find out who he is & what he does. If you have any questions we are here to help too! Binh Ho works as a banker and entrepreneur & investor.

Binh Ho is an ethnic Vietnamese-American who appeared in the documentary “House of Ho”. His name has increased in popularity after being introduced to the tens of thousands of viewers who now know his name. The reality show follows the life of a family that is stuffed with Binh Ho families.

  • Legal name & stage name:
    • Binh Ho was born in Vietnam with the name Binh Ho.
    • Currently, his public identity is Binh Ho.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Binh Ho was born in Vietnam in 1949 and will turn 73 in 2022.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Binh Ho is male.
    • When there isn’t any official source on which height he’s been recorded at, it can be hard to pin Binh Ho down by his height.
  • Nationality:
    • Ho was born and raised in Vietnam, then moved to the United States in 1975.
    • He now has United States citizenship and lives in River Oaks, Houston, Texas.
  • Best known for:
    • The interesting thing to know about Binh Ho’s success story is that it’s like the fairy tale “American Dream.” Starting from his determination to move to the United States, he tries to make his dreams come true.
    • Binh Ho net worth is even higher than the average American millionaire. When Binh Ho and his wife first came to America, they didn’t know any English.

Particular Background

binh ho net worth

This Vietnamese entrepreneur, who doesn’t need to worry about life decisions the way most of us do, was born into financial prosperity. Until 1975 Binh Ho & his wife moved from Vietnam to America as refugees.

Upon arriving in the U.S., Binh and his wife resided in Fredericksburg, Texas. Binh has big expectations for their business here even though they struggle with English and often feel overwhelmed, but despite this, they enthusiastically build a business of their dreams in the U.S.

Binh Ho made a career in America starting out by being a gas station attendant but eventually became interested in becoming a banker and investor. It was from his interest that began to earn enough income and Binh Ho net worth to be as successful as he is today.

  • Education

Binh Ho has a business degree with a concentration in Finance from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business.


Binh Ho net worth is obtained from several careers and jobs, including being an investment banker and an entrepreneur. In his career, Binh has been involved in several positions at multiple companies and is moving on to new ventures more frequently.

  • Mbb Preston LLC in 2008
  • Manager of Lu Grocery Investment Inc in 2006
  • President of Lu Investment, Inc in 2005
  • President Dayton 3, Inc. : 2005
  • President of International Trade Foundation Incorporated in 2005
  • Director of Parkside Development, LLC in 2004
  • Director of Swnb Bancorp, Inc. year 2004
  • Director of 288-6.5 Houston, Inc. : 2003
  • Director of 800 LC, Inc. year 2001
  • Director of Hesters Crossing 4.1193, Ltd in 2001
  • General Partner of Houston Connections Partnership, LP in 2000
  • General Partner of the 2000 Houston Area Water Company
  • Director of Cgh Fondren Joint Venture, LC 2000
  • President at Fannin, Inc in 1998
  • President 1314 Texas, Inc. 1997
  • Director of Hooutex Community Development Company in 1994
  • Director of Lavang Corporation in 1994

He is on the verge of achieving a long-term career goal that has so far been trending incredibly positively. It includes contracts, salaries, investments and the company he runs.

  • Binh Ho’s Personal life
binh ho

Binh Ho and his wife, Hue Ho, were born in Vietnam. They both moved to the United States in 1975 to pursue their American Dream.

  • Binh Ho’s Wife- Hue Ho

Together with Binh Ho, Hue Ho has been with him since the beginning of his struggles and is still loyal and committed to him. Binh Ho’s wife started working at the Circle K convenience store when he first moved to America.

  • Binh Ho’s family

Binh Ho has a wife named Hue Ho. Binh and Hue have 3 children, all of whom are adults. Judy is the eldest child at 39 years old who is a lawyer. Reagan was the second child and Washington was the youngest.

Binh Ho Net Worth

bihn ho

How much is Binh Ho net worth? Through his profession in real estate and investment banking, Binh Ho is set to make $350 million by 2021. He is already at the peak of his career now, so expect a lot more in the next few years.

  • What does Binh Ho do?

The Texas-based entrepreneur Binh Ho owns a company which does business in both residential and commercial real estate. Recently, he has been involved in contract work for construction of new housing infrastructure. Also, his income comes from investment banks as well as his real estate investments.

How Binh Ho Makes Money?

Before getting with so many Binh Ho net worth, he began his career in America working at an Exxon gas station as a part-time employee. He was hard-working, and had great determination, which allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks and become one of country’s most successful businessmen.

With his hard work and persistence, he is a successful businessman from the real estate and banking sectors. He makes more money from other jobs as well, through a documentary they are working on entitled “House of Ho”.

  • What bank does Binh Ho own?

Binh Ho owns a bank called Lu Investments, which focuses on investment plans. The company was founded in Texas, United States in 2005 on the 10th of August. Bihn Ho works in the financial field as a President, Director and Secretary of this prosperous investment bank.

How did the Ho family make its money?

What did he do to make Binh Ho net worth to be what it is now?

Binh Ho and his wife, Hue, are only two of the many multi-millionaires who live in United States. Binh and his wife own a lucrative real estate company and banks that belongs to them as well. Banking and investing is a big part of Binh Ho net worth and how his family makes their living, success and wealth.

The success story of the Binh Ho family is presented in a documentary entitled “House of Ho.” The show premiered on December 10, 2020, playing by The Binh Ho family including wife Hue and children Judy and Washington. Other characters include Aunt Tina and Cousin Sammy.

  • Businesses

Binh Ho is a real estate developer in Texas who specializes in transactions from the real estate sector, as well as an investment bank. His b.usiness is what makes Binh Ho net worth more and more

  • Real estate

With so many Binh Ho net worth, he has been able to make a lot of money due to his real estate investments. He’s worked with B&W Realty Group LLC in Houston to provide much needed housing opportunities in the area.

Binh Ho has a proven track record of providing services for the upper-echelon of consumers. They’re experts in real estate, lending, and investment banking.

  • Cars

He is known to own a lot of different cars with Binh Ho net worth of $350 million. However, due to the lack of official sources, there are no details available on which brands he owns or what types of luxury cars.

Present Days Activities

Binh is an investment banker at Lu Investment, Inc. He works for several real estate businesses that are still running.

Binh Ho and Hue Ho are entrepreneurs with a very profitable real estate development company going in Texas. They own multiple businesses, including banking and investments now, which is contributing to their relatively large Binh Ho net worth.

Binh Ho has been a well-known figure in American society and has been incredibly successful in almost every aspect of his life. His hard work ethic, inspiring story of perseverance, and financial worth are all values we can learn from.