Big Meech Net Worth, The Famous Notorious Criminal

Big Meech or Demetrius Edward Flenory is a famous notorious criminal that became a businessman, entrepreneur, as well as a drug trafficker. Based on his criminal work, Big Meech net worth is reckoned to be $100 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name Big Meech
Legal Name Demetrius Edward Flenory
Date of Birth July 21, 1968
Gender Male
Height 5’7″ (1.74 m)
Net Worth $18 million
Salary / earning / income per year More than $2 million
Profession Businessman, Entrepreneur, & Drug Trafficker
Nationality American

Read this article further to know more about Big Meech net worth, his journey, and the story of the Black Mafia Family.

Profile of Big Meech
  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Big Meech’s legal name is Demetrius Edward Flenory.
  • Date of Birth: Demetrius Flenory was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 21, 1968.
  • Gender & Height: Demetrius is a male businessman with a height of 1.74 m.
  • Nationality: Born in a part of Ohio, the father of Demetrius Flenory Jr.’s nationality is American.
  • What is Big Meech Best Known for?
    • Demetrius Flenory and his brother, Terry Flenory became popular in hip-hop culture for their lavish lifestyle.
    • The brothers are famously known for their “Black Mafia Family”. Subsequently, Demetrius and Terry started to build BMF Entertainment to launder their money from the drug sales to make it look legal.

Young life of Big Meech

Demetrius and Terry Flenory grew up in an extremely poor household alongside their sister, which name is undisclosed. Afterward, the Flenory brothers started the journey together from Detroit streets by selling cocaine and other drugs during high school.

  • Education

There is not much information about where Big Meech studied previously, but, it was reported that he used to start selling drugs during high school and never attended university or any higher education.

Big Meech Net Worth
  • Personal life

Big Meech has been in a relationship with various women, including Sabrina Peterson. Although there is no report if he ever married, he has a son named Lil Meech or Demetrius Flenory Jr. with Latarra Eutsey. His son who is publicly known as Lil Meech is becoming an actor and active in social media.

Big Meech’s Career

If we discuss Big Meech’s Career, we can not separate it from the drug trafficking and money laundering organization he owns with his brother called the BMF (Black Mafia Family). During his career before prison days, Big Meech’s career is including his ability to lead BMF to distribute cocaine around the US and had external links with Mexico’s cartel. Later on, he started to involved in the hip-hop community and develop BMF greater than ever.

His ability to promote BMF as an entertainment agency and record label got the company to be featured in several magazines like The Come Up and S.M.A.C.K. He was recognized as a thriving businessman because he managed to lead BMF into making a profit of $270 million, in spite of the fact that the majority of the business is against the law. Based on the list and report about Big Meech’s previous businesses, no wonder he has a great amount of wealth.

Big Meech Net Worth

Based on the various report, Big Meech Net Worth is estimated to be $100 million.

Big Meech net worth at the peak

At the highest peak of his career, Demetrius became one of the wealthiest drug traffickers in the history of American drug. He has controlled large-scale drug trafficking for 15 years since 1990. Subsequently, Big Meech net worth at the top of his career is $100 million before getting caught in 2005 by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Businesses, Estate and Cars

As a businessman, Demetrius and his brother had one of the biggest drug businesses known as the “Black Mafia Family”.  After that, they decide to join the music industry as BMF Entertainment focusing their work as a manager and promoter for some prominent hip-hop artists. In addition, they start to build their kingdom by becoming a record label for the only artist called Bleu DaVinci.

The kingdom he built could not last longer than he intended, because, Big Meech alongside other major figures in Black Mafia Family was got caught by DEA with 900 pages of evidence of their organized crimes. The evidence also includes 2.5 kilos of cocaine from the business, 30 members of BMF, $3 million cash alongside $11 million in cash and assets during the prior raids. This illegitimate business also leads to Big Meech 30 years of sentence.
  • Real estate

The Flenory brothers had an estate named the White House before it was taken over by Terry. The house contains a drug lab and hundred kilos of drugs in the basement. It was reported that this is the house where they supply drugs for the entire Atlanta streets. Although there is no further information regarding Big Meech net worth from real estate, apparently he had more than 10 houses in total.

  • Cars

It was public knowledge that he changed cars or other vehicles frequently. Additionally, the Black Mafia Family is reported to own a limousin that was used to transport cocaine and money. However, there is no exact report about Big Meech net worth from any vehicles.

  • How much Big Meech make per year?

Big Meech net worth or salary during his glory days is reckoned to be more than $2 million per year.

  • How does Big Meech make money?

As mentioned previously, Big Meech net worth or wealth came from his work as a businessman and entrepreneur in the Hip-Hop industry alongside doing drug trafficking.

  • Does Big Meech still have money after jail?

Despite Big Meech is still in jail, he still has money after jail from his income or salary during his greater days before prison. Further, as a savvy criminal, he is considered to have millions of cash at a secure place waiting for his release.

Is Big Meech Out of Job?

Big Meech is retired from his illegitimate businesses and presently living in prison.

  • What is Big Meech doing now?

Big Meech is still serving imprisonment for his crime in drug trafficking and money laundering. It was breaking news that he was granted sentence reduction and will plausibly be released from prison by 2028.