Best Car Insurance For New Drivers Under & Over 25 in 2021

The process of getting car insurance, whether you’re a new driver or a young adult, comes with a set of responsibilities. The process of buying car insurance does not necessarily involve investing all of your money into it, but you have a few things to consider before getting one. Nowadays, searching for the right car insurance company to suit your needs and wants is as easy as going online. It will help if you look for the right policies and the discounts that come along with it. 

Also, looking for the right additional programs and benefits for the insured is vital in selecting the perfect car insurance for both new drivers and young adults. Lots of companies offer repair programs and roadside assistance, so you’ll also want to be on the lookout for that. 

For new drivers, paying a considerable amount for car insurance is not ideal. Doing some light research will assist your journey in the search for the right quote. Here are some factors that will affect new drivers who are looking for the perfect car insurance. 

  • Type of the insurance policy 
  • Year and model of the vehicle to be insured
  • Policy terms
  • Place of the registration 
  • Additional coverages 
  • Dependability features of the car 

Below is a list of the best car insurance for drivers both under and over twenty-five years of age, along with their advantages and disadvantages.


geico company

GEICO deals with auto insurance along with highway assistance, which could prove useful for young adults. GEICO also offers coverage if your vehicle breaks down due to any mechanical problems. Also, if you like to control your policies by an app, GEICO makes this possible.

The company also offers a fifteen percent discount if you have good driving habits. Practicing safe tactics and following traffic regulations could help you earn additional discounts too. 


  • Excellent customer ratings all over the country
  • Twenty-four-hour customer service 
  • Manageable services through their app
  • Repair coverage


  • No GAP Insurance
  • No assured repair services in all the states

2. American Family Insurance 

best car insurance for teens - American Family Insurance company

American Family Insurance offers a program for young drivers that monitor a client’s driving habits and reward safe driving discounts. They’ll also give a ten percent discount when the driver crosses the three thousand mile mark. 

They also offer a young volunteer discount for people under 25 years where you have to complete forty hours of charity work. American Family Insurance is the right choice for young adults as it offers many rewards and discounts. The company also provides discounts for the parents of the insured.


  • Wide variety of discounts for young drivers
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  • Highway assistance 


  • Below average customer scores

3. State Farm

state farm company

State Farm is an esteemed insurance company that deals in both home and car insurance. When you request a quote, one of their local agents will show up at your doorstep and help you along the way. State Farm also stresses on maintaining a good relationship with their customers and having reward programs. State Farm helps you receive online quotes and link you to an agent where they’ll assist you with working your way through the policy. They’ll make sure you get the right discounts and other benefits with your insurance. State Farm is suitable for individuals looking to stay with one company only. 


  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • Generous policies for people above and under 25
  • Discount programs up to 25% 


  • Average customer ratings
  • No emergency roadside assistance 

4. Progressive 

progressive company

Getting online quotes from Progressive takes very little effort. You can even compare quotes with other companies to help you choose the right insurance. This neat feature will help you save a lot of time spent on research. Progressive offers discounts if you practice safe driving routines on the road.


  • Great discount options for drivers under and over 25 years of age 
  • Name Your Price feature, which helps you get a quote with how much you can pay
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  • Discounts for safe driving habits


  • Prices of the quote may be different based on how you get them
  • Average to below-average ratings for the procedure of claims

5. Allstate

best car insurance for teens - Allstate company

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies for auto in the country. They offer good discounts for young adults and other advantages with roadside assistance at any time of the day. If you’re also a driver who follows traffic protocol, you’ll help the company give you feedback, where you can get one of their many discounts. Also, if you drive with no accidents, you’ll get a discount every six months. 


  • Promotes safe driving for young adults
  • A phone app that encourages safe driving 
  • Safe driving discounts


  • Limited information on their website
  • Lukewarm ratings and reviews from customers

6. Nationwide

best car insurance for teens - Nationwide company

Nationwide gives their customers all essential car insurance policies and a good number of discounts. Two main programs of Nationwide are SmartMiles and SmartRide. SmartMiles is a program that prices the rates on the miles you drive every month. SmartRide observes a client’s driving routine and provides feedback to help you become a better driver on the road. These two programs are great for young adults who have very little experience on the road.


  • SmartRide provide their customers with discounts of up to 40%
  • Varieties of coverages
  • Guaranteed highway assistance


  • Reviews are not so great based on customer satisfaction


best car insurance for teens - AMICA company

With AMICA, drivers can earn reward points if they have good driving habits, which can be useful if you’re a young adult trying to save money. AMICA has its main focus on discounts for families with loyalty pledges. AMICA extends discounts to members who have remained with an insurer for about two years. You can also gain reward points if you introduce insurance policies to your friends and family. You can also get discounts for maintaining good grades in school. 


  • Great reception and review from customers
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Discounts for young adult drivers 


  • No mobile app

Dividends unavailable in all the states