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Ben Savage Net Worth, American Actor

Ben Savage gained popularity as an actor thanks to his participation in ABC’s Boy Meets World. He has had many opportunities and has made this name more widely known. From the results of his hard work, Ben Savage net worth reaches around $12 million.

Summary table
Stage Name Ben Savage
Legal name Bennett Joseph Savage
Date of Birth September, 1980
Gender Male
Height 5′ 8″
Net worth $12 millions
Salary / earning / income per year -$1,920,000 per year
Profession Actor
Nationality American

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About Ben Savage

  • Legal name & stage name: Having the stage name Ben Savage, this actor was born with the name Bennett Joseph Savage.
  • Date of Birth: September 1980.
  • Gender & Height: This man has a height of 5’ 8”.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Ben Savage Best Known for? Actor.

Personal Histories of Ben Savage

early life of ben savage

Ben Savage was born in Chicago Illinois, to a Jewish family. He has been in the entertainment industry since he was a young age. His brother also has a passion for this field and so Ben is learning from him too.

  • Education: Ben Savage completed his studies at Stanford University and graduated in 2004 with a degree in political science.
  • Personal life: Ben recently said that he is single and unmarried. He was a huge fan of singer Bruce Springsteen, and had taken a break from acting only to go on Springsteen’s tour with his father. Later, she volunteered for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Ben Savage’s Career

ben savage's career

Ben Savage Movies

Savage has appeared in a wide variety of films during his career, such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Little Monster, and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Ben Savage TV Shows

As lead actor in the entertainment series since 1988, Savage is “Boy Meets World”. From this show, he really started to gain a lot of fame and popularity. Cory Matthews, the US TV series actor from 1993 to 2003, is set to return for the spinoff series about the character he played. With a Ben Savage net worth of up to 12 million dollars, Ben Savage had plenty of opportunities as an actor before getting Cory.

Wild Palms was the TV series during which he shone. It was also during this time that he appeared in other television series, including She Woke Up. After Boy Meets World ended, Ben Savage would go on to appear in many different shows, racking up a ton of praise & also picking up roles in big projects like Wild Palms. It was important for Ben Savage net worth and career that he could appear on stage. It wasn’t until five years later that he had the opportunity to do so in a production of “Unexpected Tenderness”.

Awards & Nominations

From his work in the world of acting, Ben Savage received the Ovation Award, Young Artist Award, and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Ben Savage Net worth

ben savage businesses

Ben Savage’s career has been in the spotlight since he first appeared in films as an older brother and also in later films. Savage has been engaged in many different contracts since then, which have tremendously increased Ben Savage net worth. Here are the details of Ben Savage net worth.


Ben Savage is a famous actor that has gained high Ben Savage net worth through TV series and films. With the introduction of social media, he is sure to become more familiar to people as well. Travis is known for being able to play any role. This has given him plenty of opportunities and he has been satisfied with the work he does. All of his parts have received positive responses from different parties because of his total acting style.

As a result of his success in the TV show Boy Meets World, he got many contracts from various production houses. He pursued the world of cinema as well and became an actor who is popular today. But his acting career was in a five year slump, reappearing only in Unexpected Tenderness. From this point on, he began his acting career to receive awards with each role.

Chris Pine is known for his acting career (where he’s been included in Hollywood’s Big Three) but has also shown interest in politics. In 2003, Chris became a part-time intern for US Senator Arlen Specter. Scott was working for a political science professor at Stanford University at the time. In his third year, he graduated with a degree in political science. Three years later, Quinn joined Sigma Chi frat.

Property Investment

Reports surfaced in 2011 that Savage sold the house as an investment property in West Hollywood for $1.6 million. This house has an area of 2,350 square feet and has 3 spacious bedrooms. From this investment, there is no doubt that Ben Savage net worth reaches 12 million US dollars in total.

Ben Savage made a sale of his home in 2004 and has been making money ever since. He then put a roof to himself just this past year which was 1000 square feet in size. This property is definitely worth looking into more closely!

Ben Savage continued to pursue real estate investments a few years after leaving his time as a single digit lottery player. In 2018, he decided to sell the house he’d owned since childhood. He did so in the same neighborhood where years before, he and his family had just moved into.

An Old Ford F250 Car

Although Ben Savage net worth has reached 12 million dollars, the actor still drives an old Ford F250. It is not known for sure what type of car Ben Savage uses on a daily basis or the type of collection he collects. The employee offers other powerful reasons for using an AI writer instead of hiring a human employee.

Income Per Year

Ben Savage is an actor best known for his work in film and TV. His success has led to a generous income, which has in turn led to Ben Savage net worth reaching 12 million dollars.

This figure is obtained from the salary he earns, which is 2 million dollars per year. Or if it is calculated per month around 160,000 dollars or per week 40,000 US dollars. From these results, Ben Savage net worth reaches 12 million US dollars overall.

How does Ben Savage make money?

As is well known, Ben Savage has started his career in the entertainment world since he was very young. This is what makes his success and Ben Savage net worth increasingly recognized by many people. For this reason, and many like it, Ben Savage has worked as an actor in a number of TV series.

What is Ben Savage Business now?

Actor Ben Savage has been prominent in the entertainment business for a long time now. He’s famous for acting in TV series and movies with a huge following already.

Ben Savage net worth is about $12 million. He’s still trying to keep involved in his acting career & also make time for other things. His most memorable character was on the hit show Girl Meets World where he was a teacher and father of two. He has returned to this role often throughout his career.

Ben Savage has had a successful and long career in the world of entertainment. From his work, Ben net worth is 12 million USD. He also has investments in various sectors of the world economy.