Barry Manilow Net Worth – He Is Super Rich, Could it Be Magic?

If you are interested to know how is Barry Manilow Net Worth, this page is about to reveal the exact thing.

Furthermore, you should expect something big from this legendary musician. So, how rich is he this year?


Stage Name Barry Manilow
Legal Name Barry Alan Pincus
Date of Birth June 17, 1943
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Barry Manilow Net Worth           $100 million
Profession Singer Song-Writer, Producer, actor, arranger, musician          
Nationality United States of America

About Barry Manilow

barry manilow net worth

Barry Alan Pincus, best known as Barry Manilow is a legend. He is a singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, musician, and actor.

Likewise, many people love his songs. Who never listen to his hit recordings like “Can’t Smile Without You”, “Copacabana”, Could It Be Magic?”, and “I Write Songs”.

According to records, Barry already released 51 singles and 13 albums. Therefore, from his works, he achieved a lot of awards, including platinum and multi-platinum ones.

Besides producing songs and albums, he has written and performed many songs and music for commercials.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Band-Aid got their music in the 1960s from Barry Manilow.

He win Grammy awards only one time. However, Barry has been nominated many many times. To be exact, his works have been in nominations from 1973 to 2015.

Additionally, as a musician, he has sold records of more than 85 million. Thereupon, he was named as the best-selling artist worldwide.

Hence, it is the reason why Barry Manilow net worth is high.

  • Legal Name: Barry Alan Pincus
  • Stage Name: Barry Manilow
  • Date Of Birth: June 17, 1943
  • Gender & Height: Male, 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • What Is Barry Manilow Best Known For?
    • As mentioned before, Barry Manilow is best known for his works as singer-songwriter and arranger.
    • Also, he has released so many songs and albums for himself and other singers.
    • Then, if you know the song “Can’t Smile Without You”, you must know him.

Young Age Of Barry Manilow

Barry Alan Picus was born in Brooklyn, New York. It was June 17, 1943. His parents are Harold Pincus and Edna Manilow.

Then, Barry grew up in Williamsburg.

  • Education

Manilow studied in Eastern District. It is a public high school which is no longer existed. In addition, he met Susan Deixer, his future wife, while studying there.

In New York, Barry continued his study at City College.

After that, he moved to New York College of Music. To support his expense while in college, he worked at a CBS broadcast station.

After graduation, he learned about Musical Theater at a performing arts school.

  • Personal Life

Susan Deixer, Barry’s wife and his high-school sweetheart. They both got married in 1964.  After only one year of marriage, he left Susan to pursue a career in music.

Moreover, he does not have kids until now.

Barry Manilow’s Career

As a musician, Barry Manilow’s career began in 1964. A CBS director asked him to put several songs together for a musical show.

Otherwise, he did not do it exactly. Instead, Manilow made original music.

Eventually, the director accepted the music and they used it for about 8 years. During this era of his career, Barry earned money by creating and singing jingles for commercials.

Thus, those jobs really helped him to be a successful pop singer and increase Barry Manilow net worth.

At the end of the 1960s, he got a record deal from CBS music. However, it did not make a big impact on his music career.

However, a major step forward in his career came to him when he was a pianist for other singers.

He earned a Grammy nomination because of his performance as a pianist in someone else’s album. Finally, he released a solo album.

One single titled “Mandy” became a hit. Subsequently, it made him release another album.

That is the beginning of hit singles and albums that he made throughout his music career. Barry Manilow got his platinum and multi-platinum albums.

Besides, he became a famous entertainment figure. Hence, his records became a big part of Barry Manilow net worth.

In 2020, Manilow released an album titled “Night Songs II”. Then, some of the singles are successfully on the Billboard Chart.

Further, a single entitled “When the Good Times Come Again” became viral because of the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Likewise, the song really represented everybody’s feelings at that time.

Barry Manilow Net Worth

barry manilow net worth

For this year, Barry Manilow net worth is $100 million. Therefore, he is considered super-rich. His music really brings a lot of fortune to his life.

More importantly, he is a living legend and one of the most important figures in the entertainment industry.

  • Barry Manilow Net Worth from Businesses

Indeed, music is Manilow’s main business. Otherwise, it is unknown whether he has other businesses or not.

According to reports, a company purchased the entire Barry’s music catalog. That is what the business is all about.

  • Property

Indeed, Barry Manilow owns property in California at Palm Spring. The lavish mansion is so large and it has a swimming pool.

Further, the classic architecture and luxurious furniture made the house worth a fortune to have.

Additionally, there is a record in 1996 when Barry listed a residence for $2.71 million. It is in the Bel-Air neighborhood.

Also, it features 5 thousand square feet of house space on two acres of land.

  • Vehicles

There is not enough record about the cars that Barry Manilow has in his garage. However, some times in the past, he had seen in public driving a classic range rover.

  • Income Detail

We have not found any information regarding his exact salary or earnings per year. However, Barry Manilow has earned his wealth from song royalties, album sales, and live concerts.

Thus, those are more than enough to fill up Barry Manilow net worth to $100 million.

  • How Does Barry Manilow Make Money?

Obviously, he made money through composing music, making albums, and performing on stage. Moreover, Barry Manilow net worth can increase due to appearing on TV shows and movies.

What Is Barry Manilow Up To Now?

Barry Manilow is still an active entertainer. He was touring across the country in December 2021. The name of his event is “A Very Barry Christmas Tour”.

Additionally, get more information about it and other concerts on his website. Therefore, Barry Manilow net worth is still very high now.

Next year would also be good for his career.

He is still singing, making songs, and touring. Then, this musician keeps filling up his wealth and growing Barry Manilow net worth.