Asian Andy Net Worth 2021, Real Name, Age, Height, Address

Asian Andy Net Worth – $180,000

Asian Andy is a popular Twitch IRL streamer and YouTuber, his real name is Steven. His current net worth is estimated to be around $180,000. Before his rise to fame, he was working as an Uber driver. He streams and uploads his content on YouTube and Twitch which brings him an estimate of over 300,000 average views daily. His YouTube channel has around 1 million subscribers and over 13k followers on Twitch.

He is one of the early pioneers in IRL streaming. In his streams, Andy goes about his normal daily activities while live streaming and doing what the viewers ask of him, thus providing his viewers with hilarious live content.

One of his most popular types of videos is the funny text to uber speech videos. His viewers can only use the text to speech feature while donating him during his live stream. By using the text to speech feature, most of his viewers donate money with embarrassing messages or songs, which he plays on a loudspeaker. This puts him in awkward and uncomfortable situations for the world to watch.

It quickly grew popular on YouTube and twitch, garnering millions of views and generating thousands of dollars in revenue. His YouTube channel currently has over 102 million views in total and more than 5k average live viewers on his twitch channel.

Asian Andy Bio, Age, Height, Relationship Status, Where He lives

Net Worth$180,000
Real NameSteven
Age24 Years Old
Birthday18 August 1994
Height172 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight65 kg
Born inVietnam
Live inLos Angeles California
Relationship StatusSingle

Asian Andy (real name Steven) was born on 18 August 1994 in Vietnam. His family moved to the United States when he was just two years old and he grew up in Los Angeles. Andy prefers to keep much of his family and personal life a secret from the public. He is regularly active on social media platforms, much like any famous YouTube and Twitch personalities. His discord channel has over 13k members with over a thousand active daily members. 

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Not much is known about his romantic relationships as well. However, there are some rumors stating that Andy might be gay, but this is only speculation by his viewers as he has neither denied nor accepted such claims.

How Did Asian Andy Start His Career?

asian andy personal info

Asian Andy first joined YouTube on June 1, 2006. However, it would be years later that he would see any growth on YouTube. Due to him getting his streams banned on Twitch multiple times, he started streaming on both platforms through numerous channels.

His real rise to fame began when he stream sniped Ice Poseidon during one of his streams in April 2017. Ice Poseidon was one of the biggest IRL Streamers at that time. Andy was a huge fan of Ice and was the one who got him inspired to stream in the first place. On that particular day of Ice Poseidon’s live stream, his phone died, and he needed a ride back home. However, Ice still had his phone camera from which he was live streaming.

Taking this perfect moment to shine and help his favorite IRL streamer, Andy decided to help Ice by offering him a ride back home. Initially, Andy wanted to offer his help and not even appear in Ice’s live stream, indicating that he just wanted to help his favorite streamer and to gain any fame or recognization. 

Andy even tried to send a message to Ice through his drone. He did this while Ice was live streaming while on a date with Geisha. However, Andy’s drone crashed. But it would turn out to be the best thing that happened to him, leading to Ice donating $1,500 for his broken drone. 

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This entire experience forced him to try out different things, eventually leading to his most popular type of videos like the text-to-speech uber donation videos. During these streams, the chat could send him any embarrassing and racist messages they wanted and for the passengers to hear.

People loved watching Andy put into these embarrassing and awkward situations. Eventually, it was entertaining and expanded to new horizons about what IRL streaming could be and launched his career into the spotlight. 

How Much Money Does Asian Andy Make From YouTube And Twitch?

how much money does asian any make

Before estimating how much Asian Andy makes off his streaming content, it is essential to note that he has three income sources. The first one is from his YouTube channels, the second one being from his Twitch, and the last one from his merch. 

Andy’s YouTube Channel can get at least 100,000 views daily from different sources earning him an estimated $400 per (which sums to $150,000 per year) day from his ad revenue.

As of 2021, Asian Andy’s has an estimated net worth around $180,000.

As for his Twitch earnings, on a regular twitch stream, he receives donations from $1 to an outward of over $40. It is safe to say that he makes a decent earning from Twitch as well. In one of his more famous live streams, he earn more than $6000 from just live streaming his sleeping session.

How much side Income does Asian Andy Make?

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Asian Andy’s extra income comes from his merch as well as the membership fee from YouTube. 

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Fans of Andy can join as an exclusive member of his YouTube community. The membership fee cost $2.1, and you get access to exclusive features such as:

  • Able to watch exclusive members-only videos.
  • Access to loyalty badges.
  • Ability to watch streams that you might have missed. 

His merch consists of classic t-shirts, pullover hoodies, and stickers—the prices for his merchandise range from $5.30 to $ 39.99.


Where Does Asian Andy Live?

His family moved to the United States when he was just two years old and he grew up and live in Los Angeles till now.

How much does asian andy make?

He earn more than $400 per day from his Youtube channel only and In one of his more famous live streams, he earn more than $6000 from just live streaming his sleeping session. 

  • As of 2021, Asian Andy’s has an estimated net worth around $180,000.
  • He was in law school studying to be a filmmaker when he first stream sniped Ice Poseidon.
  • He once did a Vsauce inspired 72-hour stream where he locked himself inside his room. The walls had a white sheet covering along with food, drinks, and a bed. The viewers would be able to donate and send messages. However, it ended up being smart, and he ended up earning $28000 from the 72-hour live stream.

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