Akira Toriyama Net Worth in 2022

Akira Toriyama is one of the most popular manga artists known to the masses. He is the writer of the manga “Dragon ball,” which is considered one of the most popular manga in the world. With more than 250 million copies in manga sales alone and other sources of income correlated with that, how much is Akira Toriyama net worth right now? 

Keep reading to learn about Akira Toriyama net worth and how his life is going right now.

Who is Akira Toriyama? (Biography)

Akira Toriyama is a Japanese ”Mangaka’’ or manga artist. He drew “Dragon Ball,” which was later becoming one of the best manga of all time. The anime adaptation of Dragon Ball also became very popular and was even credited for boosting anime’s popularity in the Western world. 

Summary Table
Stage Name Akira Toriyama
Legal name Akira Toriyama
Date of Birth April 5, 1955
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.79 m)
Net worth $45-55 million
Salary unable to calculate
Profession Manga and Game character Artist
Nationality Japan

Legal Name & stage name

His stage name is Akira Toriyama, and with no record about him using a pen name, it is safe to say that his legal name is also Akira Toriyama. One of his Children also called Toriyama on the internet to back up this claim.

Akira Toriyama net worth

Date of Birth

He was born on April 5, 1955. Although already 67 years old this year, he is still active in the manga industry doing various work.

Gender & Height

Akira Toriyama is a male whose height is about 5 feet and 10 inches or around 1.78 m. His last known weight was around 74 kg.


He was born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. So, his nationality is Japanese. Thanks to Japanese manga culture, Akira Toriyama net worth can increase tremendously.

What is Akira Toriyama Best Known for?

As mentioned earlier, Akira Toriyama is most famous for being the creator of the Dragon Ball. But he also has other works that are quite popular, like designing characters for the popular game Dragon Quest.

Early life of Akira Toriyama

He was raised by his parents with an older sister. Akira Toriyama already enjoyed drawing when he was a kid. Back then, he usually drew animals that he liked. His interest in manga wavered in middle school and blossomed again in high school.



Toriyama enrolled in a technical high school in Nagoya to focus on drawing. He later decided not to continue his study to university.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

He married the shojo manga artist Nachi Mikami (referred to as “Yoshimi”) in 1982. They later gave birth to two children, a boy named Sasuke, born in April 1987, and a girl born in late 1990. 

There is no record of his family related to the manga world. Maybe Akira Toriyama net worth is not related to his family wealth at all. 

Akira Toriyama’s Career

Akira Toriyama produced several mangas during his most active year. He also participated in designing many characters in games. 

Akira Toriyama Books

The first book he created that became slightly popular is “Tomato, Girl Detective, ” published on August 15, 1979, in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Two of the most well-known books were Dr. Slump, which spawned up to 18 volumes in 4 years, and Dragon Ball kept which was kept being released up to 42 volumes in 11 years. Most of Akira Toriyama net worth is from this work and contract.

Akira Toriyama Movies

He also has produced some movies throughout his career. They are Kosuke & Rikimaru – The Dragon of Konpei Island, Pink – Water Bandit, Rain Bandit, and Kennosuke-sama.

Awards & Achievements

He won the ‘Shogakukan Manga Award’ for ‘Best Shōnen or Shōja Manga Series of the Year’ for Dr. Slump in 1981In 2013, he received a special award at France’s 40th Angoulême International Comics Festival. 

Akira Toriyama net worth

Akira Toriyama Net worth

After his popularity grew with his popular manga, Akira Toriyama net worth increased tremendously. Previously with no money for quitting his job, now Akira Toriyama net worth amounted to $45 million to 55 million. 

His wealth mostly comes from drawing manga, whether from the salary, a contract, or royalties from published books. 


Reading his life story, most of his work is always related to drawing. Be it drawing manga directly or drawing characters for video games or other products. There is no found record of Akira Toriyama net worth directly from the business under his own name. 

Akira Toriyama net worth from investment in real estates 

Cited from mipon.org, it said that Akira Toriyama prefers to keep his privacy from his fan. He is also rarely active in social media, etc. The only known building he has is Bird Studio, located in his hometown, Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

This building is where he draws most of his work. It is definite proof that Akira Toriyama net worth increased over time if he was able to own this building.

Akira Toriyama net worth

Assets in Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

Most of the public discussion is about cars we found in his drawing, while no resources mention Akira Toriyama net worth in cars and any other vehicles. Years of his work in drawing show us many creative ideas about cars in the manga.  

How much Akira Toriyama make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Unfortunately, it is hard to pinpoint the salary he gains per contract or at a time interval, like a year or a month. The income gains by manga artists or character artists were by royalties, and the amount was totally random depending on how much sales were generated by each product. 

How does Akira Toriyama make money?

As we mentioned earlier, he got royalties for his creations. in Akira Toriyama’s case, his wealth came from various sources as his mangas developed into many other products like anime, films, and games. The number of books he can sell worldwide is also much higher compared to other manga artists. 

Is Akira Toriyama Retired?

Even after turning 67 years this year, Akira Toriyama is still not retired yet. It is not because Akira Toriyama net worth is lacking, but many creators usually find more fulfillment in producing instead of just resting and enjoying old life. 

What is Akira Toriyama Doing now?

Akira Toriyama is still working in many Dragon Ball series these past few years. He was involved in the design for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which was released in 2012. His latest work is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will be in the theater on June 11, 2022. Looking at his work, we might see more accumulation in Akira Toriyama net worth in the future.