Aceu Net Worth 2021 – Bio, Real name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

NRG Aceu Net worth – $1 Million

Aceu is a popular American twitch streamer and pro player especially in FPS game, His real name is Brandon Winn. His total calculated net worth as of January 2021 amounts to 1 Million dollars. Aceu has approx. 7,480 endorsers and regularly pulls in more than 10,000 watchers on Twitch daily. His monthly income is approx. from $26,180 US Dollar. He generates additional revenue from his team salary, merchandise sales, advertisements, and various tiered subscriptions. Aceu’s YouTube channel has a net worth of $512,000 US dollars as calculated on January 2021.

Aceu is a professional social media sensation with his passion for video games and esports. He is one of the top shared video gamers on all social media and internet sensation across the globe who has gained millions of followers on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Though there is not much information available on the gamer’s parents and his childhood. As per sources, Aceu also has two siblings. Timmy is his younger brother and an amazing content creator on Twitch, popularly known as itzTimmy, He is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend. .

Aceu Personal Information, Real name, Age, Height, Girlfriend,

Net Worth$1 Million
Real NameBrandon Winn
Age25 years old
Birthday7 April, 1995
Born InCalifornia, United States
Live InCalifornia
Height5.8 feet / 176 cm
GirlfriendLast time he had a relationship with allison,
there is no latest update yet.
Twitch Followers Count1.3 Million
aceu bio

His real name is Brandon Winn. Aceu is a North American esports player and fabulous streamer on Twitch. Aceu was born on the 7th of April, 1995, in California, United States. His sun sign is Aries. He is 25 years old and one of the best YouTube and Twitch Star on the web-based media and the internet, He has a dream of setting up his own fashion brand in the future. He had spent most of his childhood in Indiana. He belongs to half Caucasian and Vietnamese by ethnic origin. He is a meat lover. Being an ailurophile, he owns a cat whose name is Kira.

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How Aceu Start His Career?

aceu net worth

He started playing video games from an early age and loved to watch Irving like a performer.

He plays with pseudonyms names such as Ace, letmeace, and babyreaps. He belongs to the NRG Esports team currently and an awesome streamer on Variety and Valorant. He has also played earlier with eUnited, Rise nation, and EclipseGG.

Aceu experienced childhood in an unassuming community where there wasn’t a lot to do. His stepfather played a great deal on Quake and Counter-Strike 1.6, so Aceu invested a ton of energy watching his stepfather play in his growing age.

When his stepfather felt he was mature enough, he welcomed Aceu to begin playing Quake with him and his companions. Although he played inadequately against them, this propelled him to work more earnestly at gaining new abilities, so he would have the option to play against them all the more equally.

Initially, he started playing with Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War, which moved him into comfortable gaming. He went to his first Gears of War LAN when he was around thirteen years of age. He participated in various online gaming competitions such as Halo and Gears of War.

He got back to PC gaming after his stepfather gave Aceu his old PC. He made it to jewel via season 4 and began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) in 2015. He invested the vast majority of his free energy crushing it and figured out how to arrive at Global inside the initial 100 hours of playing in matchmaking with his companions. 

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Aceu Entry into Valorant

nrg aceu income

With the entry of Valorant in the gaming world, Aceu’s collaboration with Riot’s game has been talked of the show across the online gaming session. Aceu was impressed with Valorant as Riot’s new game was promising. Riot’s three-day boot camp for Valorant with Aceu welcomed professionals, media, and decorations to evaluate the game in late March.

Designers plunked down with Aceu and tuned in to his input on the game. The core of VALORANT’s allure is its requirement for innovativeness and input; the advancement group needs players to push the game to its total cut-off and consider better approaches to get away from the container of a customary shooting match-up.

On the principal day of Valorant’s shut beta delivery, the game got a close record of 1.73 million simultaneous watchers on Twitch. Aceu was the most efficient streamer, and it broke the single-day hours watched record in a solitary game class with 34 million on the stage. YouTube and online media are now jumbled with clasps of his classy online reels. Currently, he is ruling the gaming world with NRG Esports.


After secondary school, he functioned as a conveyance driver for Papa John’s pizza joint while attempting to enter a global presence through gaming.

His major profession is an online video gamer, streaming artist, and content creator for web-based gaming applications.


Acquainted with computer games at a young age by his family, Aceu got first-individual shooter titles, for example, Halo and Call of Duty on gaming support, before changing over to playing on a PC in secondary school. His first love on the PC wasn’t a shooting match-up; he spent time playing Riot Games’ overall marvel title, League of Legends, during the 2010s. He played continually, ultimately arriving among the best players online in North America.

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He is one of the most popular streamers of all web-based gaming. He has a habit of streaming daily for about 5 to 9 hours on gaming applications.

Aceu Twitch, Instagram, Twitter Followers Count

Aceu’s online streaming of Apex Legends on Twitch exposed the streaming industry and earned followers and fame simultaneously.

His passion for playing video games has awarded him with mass followers across the world. Being a social media star, Twitch and YouTube Channel with the name @aceu led him to fame.

Aceu is on Instagram with two accounts, namely @nrg.aceu and He likes to post highlights of his gaming sessions. With 210k followers on his Instagram account, he loves to share highlights of his gaming sessions and streams.

Aceu’s Twitter account @acesu has 200k followers. His nailed post to Twitter alone has over a half million perspectives.

His YouTube channel has 876k subscribers, and it’s one of the most loved channels across web media platforms. He entertains his followers with his Snapchat videos and gaming tricks and tips.

With his 1.2 million followers on Twitch channel @aceu, he is the most popular celebrity in America. Competitive games like Apex Legends and live streaming content has played a major role in his success.

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